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Tennessee Roads Were Made For Riding Motorcycles

There’s no place in the USA quite like the “Volunteer State”. Right in the heartland of America, Tennessee is a thriving hub for American culture. Home to the legendary Nashville country music scene and over 30 whiskey distilleries, Tennessee is also a prime location for riding through on motorcycle. The United States offers a wide range of cities to explore, but nothing compares to the sprawling nature that frame the roads of Tennessee. Here are a few routes popular amongs both experienced and novice riders.

Tail of the Dragon 

The Tail of the Dragon, alternatively referred to as Deal’s gap, is one of the most popular and turbulent roads in the country. Running through Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this riveting path is home to over 300 curves made up of sharp turns and drastic drop-offs, making it an exciting route for bikers of any disposition. No concerns should be had as to whether your bike model can handle the course of the road; if for example you’re riding a three-wheel motorcycle, which are stable alternatives to two wheel motorcycles, there’s no reason you should have trouble handling the tail’s diverse geography.

Georgia’s Skyline Drive 

For those in favor of  spacious roads and have a focus on witnessing gorgeous scenery rather than rugged terrain, Georgia’s Skyline Drive may be the fit for you. Its capped at a speed limit of 35mph and has over 75 overlooks that offer breathtaking vantage points of the Shenandoah Valley and rolling Piedmont. A fantastic variety of wildlife, such as deer, black bear, and fauna particular to the region known as Shenandoah, inhabit the surrounding area. 

The Snake 421

The Snake 421, alternatively known as The Best of the Snake, is a loop ride that twists through Iron Mountain and into neighboring woods. The forest then gives way to Shady Valley, which is home to a recognized motorcyclists destination called Shady Valley Country Store. The road continues to run through Backbone Rock, considered the shortest tunnel in the world, and Damascus, Virginia until finally resolving on Hwy 421. While drops in elevation and tight curves may veer some novice riders away, this path has plenty to offer for riders of any skill level. 

The roads of Tennessee were meant for motorcyclists. This segment of the Midwest is definitely a choice location for any riders looking to take advantage of America’s vast roadways and witness the gorgeous countryside.

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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