5 Best Cities To Move To In Idaho

Idaho is a great state that offers residents many rivers, lakes and beautiful parks to enjoy. If you love outdoor activities, Idaho may be a perfect match for you. It is also very welcoming for small businesses in the science, energy and technology sectors. For college choices, you will be able to choose from Idaho State, Boise State and the University of Idaho for your ongoing educational needs.

As with any state in the country, there are some cities that are more enjoyable to live in than others. Below are some of the top cities to live in when considering the Gem State of Idaho.

1. Boise, Idaho

One of the fastest-growing cities in the state is Boise. It is filled with natural beauty, culture and job opportunities. If you are looking to start your entrepreneurial career, Boise businesses are among the best and most successful. If you have a family, you may appreciate that Boise has been listed as one of the safest cities in the world. Kids can easily walk to and from school without parents having to worry about what they get involved with. It is also the perfect place to enjoy outdoor activities and you will be located west of the majestic Rocky Mountains and north of the beautiful Great Basin deserts. 

2. Meridian, Idaho

Meridian is the thrid-largest city for the great Gem State. It has been voted in many lists as a likable city to consider moving to. According to state statistics, the residents of Meridian have the highest ranking income averages compared to every other city. When it comes to crime, it offers the sixth-lowest crime rate for the state. Not many other Idaho cities can compare to the sunshine and filled bank accounts that residents in Meridian get to enjoy.

3. Eagle, Idaho

If you want a city that is ever-changing, Eagle is the city to consider. Over the last 20 years, the city has grown tremendously. If you love everything about football, you may enjoy knowing many notable NFL football players are originally from this city. The city also boasts short commutes and high incomes.

4. Star, Idaho

According to science, many people may be pleasantly surprised to see that Star is a top ranking city to live in. While the crime rate may not be the best you’ve seen, it certainly ranks much lower than the whole state’s average. If you have kids, it will be nice to know the school system gets more funding than anything else. Star offers residents a big city feel with small-town life. If you want to work in Boise, Star is a great suburb to raise your family and make the work commute. For dog lovers, the area is great for long walks and lovely scenery.

5. Moscow, Idaho

Moscow is located to the north of the state and borders with Washington. It is home to the University of Idaho, which is the primary research and grant institution for the state. The city also offers residents a relaxing, suburban feel with lots of coffee shops and bars for the nightlife. The city is home to many young professionals and most of the residents lean towards a conservative lifestyle. For families with kids, Moscow has some of the highest rated schools in the state. For people new to the area, the town can be very welcoming.

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