About Me

I’m Victoria. I’m a 30-something British lady who was born with a “nationality crisis”. Growing up in Manchester I always had itchy feet to explore the world and somehow I always felt like I was meant to live in America. As a child I would watch movies set in the U.S and think “one day, I will be there”. After graduating from university I went traveling and started my first blog Pommie Travels with the aim of having somewhere to showcase my writing and hopefully gain some paid travel writing work. Little did I know that my blog would actually end up being my main source of income. I now live in Jersey City and also run a local website called Jersey City Insider. 

On my first big backpacking trip to the states I travelled by bus and train all over the country – to LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Memphis, Atlanta, New Orleans and Austin. I went back to the U.S almost every year after that and then finally moved to New York City in 2018.

I want to show you everything I love about the USA, from the cities and the foodie spots to the beaches and the incredible national parks. Now I live here I want to explore as much as I can and share those journeys with you! I still also love to venture overseas so if you’re looking for travel tips for your next destination, search my site! Hopefully you’ll find it useful!

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