Cities to visit on a coast to coast American road trip

Want to see the USA from end to end this summer? While there will be plenty of amazing scenery to take in along the way, make sure you include the following cities as you make your way across our great land on a coast to coast American road trip.

San Francisco

There are few better places in America to start a road trip than in the City by the Bay. Before driving across the Golden Gate Bridge in search of adventure in America’s Heartland, take time to see Alcatraz, which was once was this country’s most intimidating prison, Fisherman’s Wharf, and to walk up the crooked but steep Lombard Street.

As you make your way through the narrow streets of this cool place, though, be aware that the potential for motor vehicle collisions.

Tight squeezes and human errors mean fender-benders are a fact of everyday life here, so be sure to protect yourself from scurrilous claims in court by installing a dash cam in your car before your visit.

TadiBrothers is one of the best shops on the internet to find these devices, as they offer plenty of selection to meet your roadside surveillance needs.

Order a few weeks before you leave so can protect yourself from the worst motorists this nation has to offer, and you’ll have the peace of mind this product can give you.

Kansas City

Kansas City is a wonderful place to stop on an American road trip

As you cross the Great Plains on your American road trip, you’ll find they are light on big cities. Kansas City breaks this mould, though, as it is a cool Midwestern metropolis that is home to some of the nation’s best BBQ.

There is more to this town than juicy, marinated meat, however, as the recently completed Power and Light District offers plenty of places to drink, dance, and have fun.

Into more wholesome pursuits? Go to a Kansas City Royals home game – playing in one of the most beautiful stadiums in Major League Baseball, its fountain will have you transfixed in between home runs.


Situated on the southern shore of Lake Michigan, Chicago is an architectural and cultural centre which shouldn’t be missed on an American road trip. Long known as America’s Second City, it is home to countless amazing modern skyscrapers and marvellous examples of classy 1920s style Art Deco buildings.

When you aren’t admiring the surrounding cityscape from the top of the Willis Tower or marvelling at how trippy the Cloud Gate (aka The Bean) is, indulge in some dishes native to Chicago. From a proper Chi-Town hot dog to deep dish pizza, you won’t walk away from this city hungry.


Baseball games deserve to be part of your American road trip

Long known for its connection to the steel industry, Pittsburgh has reinvented itself as a hip urban centre worth a stop on your journey across America.

From art galleries which show off the works of native son Andy Warhol to the Carnegie museums (natural history and art), there are plenty of cultural highlights to check out on this stop on your great American road trip.

New York City

An epic American road trip deserves to have its end in New York City. Also known as the Big Apple, the biggest city in America doesn’t just boast sights like the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, and One World Trade Center, but it also possesses plenty of diversity.

Here, just about every nationality on Earth has a community, making it possible to eat a different cuisine for every meal during your stay and to come across cultural highlights you’d have to travel outside the country to see.

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