Best places for a summer hike in the American Rockies

Looking to get outside this summer? The American Rockies offers plenty of scenic trails that will make your experience an amazing one. Below, we’ll talk about the best summer hike in the American Rockies you can hit over the coming months.

Siyeh Pass, Montana

Consider yourself a big fan of alpine wildflowers? If so, don’t miss your opportunity to hike Siyeh Pass while visiting Glacier National Park in Montana.

Situated off Going to the Sun Road east Logan Pass, the trailhead is already surrounded by epic high country scenery. You’ll pass alongside a creek and through a spruce forest before you reach an amazing flower-filled meadow which fills it with a kaleidoscope of colours each summer.

Afraid your allergies might act up on this portion of the hike? If you need help with hay fever, be sure to pack some anti-histamines in your pack before heading out, and take some at the trailhead so the drug will have taken by the time you reach the meadows.

At the top, you’ll be treated to a stunning view of a number of significant peaks, many of which are covered with snow for much of the year.

One thing to note, however, is the fact that you’ll be passing through Bear Country during this day hike; as such, bringing along a canister of bear spray and a powerful bear horn during a summer hike in the American Rockies is strongly advised for your own safety.

Goldbug Hot Springs, Idaho

Idaho is an awesome place to go for a summer hike in the American Rockies

As awesome as treks in the American Rockies can be, there’s no denying our bodies aren’t used to the punishment dealt out to them on these long walks. It is this reality which makes the Goldbug Hot Springs trail such a popular hike among those who are lucky enough to know about it.

Located in the mountains of Idaho, the trailhead for this path can be accessed by turning off Highway 93 near mile marker 282 onto a nondescript dirt road.

From the start of the trail, it is a gut-busting grind two miles through forest, desert, and finally, an alpine location where a wilderness hot spring possesses a million dollar view of the valley below.

As if that wasn’t good enough, it is fed by a waterfall at its back – check this place out before it blows up, as spots like this don’t stay a secret for long.

Bears Ears Trail, Wyoming

Wyoming is a state where mavericks abound – if you count yourself as one, make sure you make time to hike Bear Ears Trail during your time in this lonely state. Starting amidst placid lakes, this trail quickly gets above the tree line, where you’ll have to traverse boulder fields.

Once you clear this obstacle, though, you’ll eventually happen upon a tarn lake (remnants of a melted glacier with no outlet) where wilderness camping is permitted. At the end of this trail, the summit permits sweeping views of surrounding peaks, making it worth the sweat you’ll shed on this summer hike in the American Rockies.

Democrat-Cameron-Lincoln Loop, Colorado

The heights of Colorado make for an excellent summer hike in the American Rockies

When we think about the American Rockies, it is the peaks in Colorado most people envision. With scores of mountains 14,000 feet and higher, this state draws plenty of backcountry hiking enthusiasts looking to summit them.

The Democrat-Cameron-Lincoln Loop gives you the opportunity to mount four of them in one go. In only seven miles, you’ll get to walk the ridge lines between the peaks of Mount Democrat, Cameron, Lincoln, and Bross.

This trail can get busy on weekends, so if you want to soak up the scenery in peace, experience it during the week.

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