The world at your feet: Why you should travel

Summer is finally here, which means we’re all preparing and dreaming for our long awaited summer break. Whether it’s just for a few days or for two whole weeks, getting away from it all is a feeling we find ourselves thinking about every working week.

Even when you return from your holiday; fresh, revitalised and ready to take on whatever your job can throw at you – it doesn’t take long for that post-holiday glow to wear off, and we find ourselves counting down once again. Finding yourself staring out the window of your stuffy office, dreaming of sand between your toes and the fresh summer breeze rolling across the ocean…well, why dream of it? Why endure another 365 days of a job you hate when you could be travelling not only to the destination you love the most – but all over the world?

Here you’ll find 6 reasons why you should travel – right now!

Before you head off to foreign climates and beautiful beaches – you’re going to need International Travel medical insurance. You might be about to follow your travelling dreams, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be sensible! Now, let’s get on with the list!

You’re here.

Be honest with yourself. You’ve clicked on this article and you’re probably reading it when you should be doing something productive, right? The very idea that you’re contemplating travel means that you should do it! Why wait?

The “right time” doesn’t exist.

The Very Best Destinations in the world

You’re wanting to move house, a family, a new car, even getting married – you’ll never have enough money saved up to complete all these things. Waiting for the “right time” is just an excuse, people say because they’re afraid it’ll all go wrong. Waiting around until you’re rich enough means you’ll probably miss out on a lot of things you want to do. Go for it. Things always work out.

You’re not missing out

It can be easy to think about all the events you might miss while you’re away. Your friends having their baby, birthdays, Christmases, maybe even a wedding or two. But you shouldn’t dwell on this too much. You’ll miss out more by crushing your travel dreams then you will at your Great Aunts BBQ.

It won’t bankrupt you

Many people think that travelling the world means you’ll need to re-mortgage the house or sell all your worldly possessions. It’s simply not true. With all the budget airlines available now, as well as budget friendly accommodation options, you can easily travel without selling the family silver. You can always work abroad to keep your funds topped up!

You’re not too old

Don’t be mistaken that travelling is for university graduates. Mid-life travelling is actually incredibly common and popular. Even for those with families. You can bring them too!

Think of all the memories

Have you ever heard someone say that they regret their 3 months backpacking across Thailand? They wish they’d never climbed Machu Pichu or helped to build a school in Cambodia? Nope. Me neither.


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