The Most Instagrammable Hotels in New York City

The Most Instagrammable Hotels In New York City

New York City, as one of the biggest financial and cultural centers of the world, is full of luxury hotels. These hotels compete for millions of tourists who visit the city annually. However, with the rise of social media, tourists are no longer just checking in to hotels for the accommodations. The hotels should now also have great aesthetics so that they can share pictures of their stay on Instagram and other photo sharing apps. Here are a few of the most instagrammable hotels in New York City:

The NoMad

Found in the historic NoMad neighborhood in Manhattan, The NoMad Hotel is on this list because of the classic New York architecture of the building that blends well with the modern, luxurious interiors. Each room in the hotel is adorned with pictures and artwork that could well have been found in Instagram themselves. Some of the rooms overlook Broadway as well so you can also take pictures nearby.

The Gansevoort Meat Packing

Instagram users who like to have the New York skyline as part of their background will be delighted with the Gansevoort Meat Packing NYC. This hotel offers a 360-degree view of the glorious skyline and sunset. Located at Ninth Avenue, it has a spectacular rooftop pool, with rooms that exude a cosmopolitan, urban feel. The dining and wining facilities within the building, the Chester Biergarten, Provocateur Escape and American Eatery are conducive to Instagram lovers who love to snap pictures whenever they are.

The St. Regis

Looking for the royal treatment in the middle of the Big Apple? St. Regis will be perfect for you. The moment you enter the lobby, your eyes will be tricked into thinking that you are in a European royal facility due to the massive chandelier hanging on the ceiling. The suites and rooms are also seemingly designed with Instagram users in mind, with elegant furnishings installed and meticulous planning and selection has been done to every furniture for a unique experience.

The Roger

The Roger may only be a boutique hotel but it can rival all the hotels in this list for their Instagram-worthiness. Found along Madison Avenue, The Roger looks like what a hipster’s home would be if he had millions reserved for the design of his home even with the unassuming front edifice that many mistake for a coffee shop. Looking at the rooms in this hotel, you can sense that creativity has been poured into the design of each one. The rooftop is also homey, decorated with flowers and couches where guests can relax while watching the sunset over the Manhattan skyline.

The Pierre

If there is one thing about The Pierre that would make it stand out from other hotels, it is the classic ’70s New York feel that it gives out. The checkered floors of the lobby and 20th century design of the ceiling in the lobby give way to a stylish and sophisticated series of rooms, each of which are Instagrammable on their own right.

Mind you, these hotels are not cheap but for the many Instagram snaps that you will be able to take in the facilities, they are all worth it. Want an Instagram shoot in NYC? Try booking an Instagram photographer for professional, Instagram-worthy shots.

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