Why you should make Fort Lauderdale your South Florida hub

Are you thinking of spending a winter in South Florida? It’s a smart decision that countless others have made before you. While it is cold and dark back home, you’ll get to enjoy tropical weather while having easy access to first-world conveniences.

However, don’t think that Miami is your only option. An hour north, the city of Fort Lauderdale is proving to be a popular alternative. What advantages does this community have over one of America’s most vibrant metropolises? In this guide, we’ll highlight them so you can make the best choice for you and your travel party.

It’s cheaper

There’s no denying it: Fort Lauderdale has the financial advantage over downtown Miami. From all over the world, wealthy investors have poured their capital into Miami real estate. The result has been surging prices: the average home in Miami cost $337,000 as of June 2019. Meanwhile, in Fort Lauderdale, that number is $315,000.

With fewer super-rich tourists than Miami, the cost of everything from restaurant meals to drinks is lower. If you are on a budget, you’ll have a much easier time adhering to it in Fort Lauderdale.

Beaches aplenty

You won’t have to forego days at the beach, however. Fort Lauderdale has over 11 kilometres of beaches within city limits, and much more elsewhere in Broward County. Pick up a car rental in Fort Lauderdale then drive the coastline to explore the region’s best stretches of sand. On Lauderdale Beach, you’ll have access to restaurants and cafes – unlike in South Beach, where they’re a block away.

Don’t think you’ll be giving up people watching. With scores of luxury developments, the trendy and glamorous can be found here in spades.   

Its nightlife is more laid back

Do you want to hit the clubs on your Florida holiday, but fear getting denied by some smug doorman? In Fort Lauderdale, you can come as you are – no cash, good looks, or connections required. Call America’s Backyard to get on their guest list – it’s first-come, first served, so plan ahead.

Those looking for something more sophisticated will enjoy the Blue Martini. Known for their namesake cocktail, they feature classy live music acts, and have a chill outdoor patio. 

Traffic is less hectic

Merging onto the freeway is much less scary in Fort Lauderdale. Broward County is urban, but it lacks the density of its neighbour to the south. As a result, you’ll be able to drive your Fort Lauderdale rental car with confidence

With destinations like the Everglades and the Florida Keys tp discover, you’ll be sure to have some awesome adventures. Once you’re ready to return, come back to your quiet, safe, and sane home base – it’s that easy!  

It’s a boater’s paradise

Plan on spending a good portion of your Florida holiday on the water? If so, Fort Lauderdale is definitely for you. Known as the Yachting Capital of the World, marinas are everywhere. So too, are the opportunities to rent these boats.

As you pull away from the docks, you’ll find out why Fort Lauderdale is also known as America’s Venice. This city boasts 500 miles of waterways and 162 bridges – many homeowners live on artificial islands with sailboat access.

As a result, you can sail through neighbourhoods with some of the most beautiful houses in South Florida. Sounds like a good time to us!

Fort Lauderdale has become a hub for the arts

Think you’ll be locating to a culturally dead suburb of Miami? Nothing could be further from the truth. Quite the contrary – over the years, this beach city has attracted more than its share of creatives.

A couple of neighbourhoods stand out. The FAT village, or Flagler Village, is located downtown, inland from the canals and beaches. Here, street art abounds. The MASS district organizes events south of Sunrise Boulevard, like monthly art walks. 

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