Flying out of Manchester Airport: A Guide

At last, a long-deserved holiday! After months of saving and working hard, you’re ready to jet off somewhere exciting. However, this will be the first time you’ve ever flown out of Manchester. For years, you’ve taken the train down to London, but it’s all become too much of a hassle.

In this guide, we’ll brief you on everything needed to have a smooth departure from MAN.

Getting there

Before you can fly anywhere, you’ll need to get from your house to the departures level of Manchester Airport. You could drive – however, airport parking can be pricey, with the airport charging at least £44 per week.

If saving cash is of paramount concern, hop on a train. Fares from Manchester Piccadilly to the airport will run you £3-£5. Not near a National Rail station, but close to a tram line? If you need a 4-zone fare, Metrolink will only set you back £1.40 per person.

Are you looking for a more relaxing transfer experience? Airport transfers to Manchester with Cyllenius are a cut above taxis and black cabs. With comfortable cars, charging ports, complimentary water, and friendly staff, you’ll arrive at the airport stress-free.

Airport hotels

Plan on making an early getaway? Don’t make your way to the airport at 4 am – get an airport hotel room instead. Premier Inn is a great budget choice, with nightly rack rates averaging £60-£70. Despite its proximity to the airport, you’ll get a good night’s sleep. In the morning, their restaurant offers a morning all-you-can-eat buffet for a very reasonable price.

Is money no object? Spend the night before your flight at the Radisson Blu. You’ll get a bed as comfortable as a cloud, coffee-making facilities, and a well-stocked minibar. The restaurant offers high-quality cuisine, but if you’d prefer, room service is available. Come morning, you’re only a quick stroll on a covered walkway from the terminal.

Where can you fly to from Manchester?

Despite being overshadowed by London Heathrow, airlines fly plenty of direct routes from MAN. You can fly direct to destinations like Amsterdam, Barcelona, NYC, Dubai, and many others. Airlines that serve these routes include British Airways, Air Canada, American Airlines, Emirates, KLM, Cathay Pacific, and more.

In all, Manchester Airport serves almost 150 destinations on four continents. Why fly from Heathrow again?

Terminal tips

Perhaps you’ve heard about how busy MAN can be. Indeed, Manchester Airport is among the most congested in the UK. However, you can avoid stressful queues by purchasing a FastTrack pass. Available from the Manchester Airport website for £5, you can access faster security and passport control lanes (when you return).

Don’t have lounge access through your charge card or airline? You can purchase access to several lounges at Manchester Airport. For £20-£25, both Escape and Aspire Lounges offer a hot/cold food buffet, TVs, work stations, and runway views.

Adults desiring a child-free environment will want to access the 1903 Lounge. Its food & drink selection is more upscale – including champagne, this place offers the perfect send-off for newlyweds.  

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