How to Plan the Ultimate Sailing Vacation

With the pandemic disrupting the lifestyles of many, people have had to get creative with their holiday plans. It’s become important that you limit your interaction with others, go to an uncrowded destination, and travel in a way that is as sanitary as possible. 

A sailing vacation meets all this criteria and more. If you love to sail, then you already have the perfect opportunity for a wonderful holiday. If you have never planned such a trip before, here are some guidelines to follow: 

Select Your Destination 

Considering the global situation, you will have to steer clear of international waters. This means that you need to find local spots where you can take your boat out to sea. There are plenty of options, regardless of which coast you live close to. 

Be sure to choose your destination wisely. It is a good idea to skip some of the more popular spots for sailing. Instead, head to more remote places where you are sure to be alone. This doesn’t have to be boring at all. In fact, heading to places you typically wouldn’t means that you can explore new and unspoiled areas.

Keep Your Crew to a Minimum 

Now is not the time to plan a big trip. In fact, experts would recommend keeping your crew to just your immediate family or the people you have been quarantining with. As more people are getting vaccinated, you may be tempted to bring some friends on board. It is a good idea to make sure that everyone has been tested and is self-isolating. 

Once you are out on the water, keep away from other people as much as possible. If you do need to meet strangers, make sure to wear a mask. Use hand sanitizer to wipe down any communal surfaces. 

Plan Socially Distanced Activities 

Steering clear of others may seem like you’re putting a damper on your vacation activities, but this isn’t true at all. Instead, you can come up with socially distanced activities. One particularly fun activity is to go racing. Best of all, you can achieve victory with the best sails and make this vacation all the more sweeter. Scall up people in the area and see if they are up for the challenge. You can throw in a prize to make things a whole lot more exciting. 

Stock Up On Provisions 

It’s a good idea to stock up on provisions before you head out on the water. This way, you won’t have to go to any unknown locations where you aren’t sure about the number of cases. As long as you take plenty of non-perishable essential items, you can remain on the water for much longer. 

It is easy to plan a sailing trip, even during a pandemic. If this is something that interests you, just follow these tips. From selecting your destination to remaining isolated, these guidelines can make your trip a lot more fun for you and your family. 

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