Travelling with kids? These amazing ideas will keep them occupied for hours!

Whether you’re jetting off for your first overseas holiday in over a year, you’re travelling to the other side of the country to visit relatives, or you’re driving to a local attraction as part of your staycation adventure, if you’re travelling with little ones in tow, then you might be feeling a little nervous.

Travelling with kids means regular trips to the bathroom, fighting in the backseat, trying to soothe a disgruntled toddler whilst mid-flight and wondering if getting away from it all, really is worth it…Kids are great, but they don’t always travel well for multiple reasons, maybe the air pressure is hurting their ears, perhaps they’re bored or even just uncomfortable sitting for long periods in confined spaces.

If you’re planning on travelling with kids any time soon, then preparing them for the journey ahead will certainly make things a little easier for everyone. So, with this in mind, I’ve gathered some amazing ideas that will keep your little travelling companions occupied for hours. Read on to find out more.

Create a travel pack

Whether you’re travelling as a big family unit, or just you and your kids are hitting the road, putting together a travel pack for all the younger children in the party is certainly beneficial. From small figurines for your daughter to stickers and magazines for your sons – perhaps you’re even wondering what to buy for your nephew? Click the link for some inspiration. You can either tailor each pack to their specific interests or keep things simple with matching activities and toys. Consider handing out these travel packs after your first break, so they’re happy to hit the road again and will be occupied for the rest of the journey.

Bring snacks!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a child or an adult – when you’re on the road, snacks are an important part of any journey! Consider putting together a bag for snacks and a separate pack for their travel meal for your younger travelling companions. Some of the best travel snacks are the simplest, so go for fruit, veggie sticks, crackers and even dry cereal for the kids to munch on. Ensure everyone has a bottle of water to keep themselves hydrated. Avoid anything that might melt, get messy or go bad after several hours in the car…and don’t forget the wipes!

Try an Audiobook

Before you travel, ask your travel companions to choose an audiobook to listen to whilst you’re on the road. Whether it’s an old favourite that they’ll enjoy hearing out loud or something new that will keep them engaged, you’ll be amazed at how quiet everyone is once the audiobook starts playing.


It’s easy to think that turning to technology makes you a bad parent, but that’s simply not the case. Bringing along technology to keep the kids occupied on the last leg of the journey can keep fights at bay and keep everyone calm. Whether you put on a movie and have the tablet secured onto the back of the headrest, or they take it in turns playing games on their devices, make sure they know that extended time on their technology is a treat and to keep limits in place.

Final thoughts…

Travelling with kids can feel incredibly daunting, so follow these steps to make it as stress-free as possible!

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