4 Reasons To Book A Lan Ha Bay Cruise

Vietnam is a fascinating country that really has something for everyone. From the beaches of the central and southern regions, to the wine country of Dalat to the Tonkinese Alps in the far north, this is a country that has it all. The cities are also a sight to behold. For first time visitors, it may need some getting used to. The seemingly never-ending stream of motorcycles can make you feel like you are taking part in some sort of crazy video game! Thankfully, there is a less hectic side to Vietnam where you can relax and really take in the sights, soak up the atmosphere and experience another side of this rapidly developing country.

Most people who visit Northern Vietnam generally land in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city and although this can be a shock to the system, more serene locations are not too far away and easily reachable from the capital. If mingling with the Hanoi locals in their usual city life setting – amidst traffic and bustling commercial activities – is not your cup of tea, and you prefer the seamless, more peaceful and quiet travel then the Lan Ha Bay cruises by ERA Cruises provide the perfect antidote. But, what makes a Lan Ha Bay cruise special? Please see below for just a few reasons why a Lan Ha Bay cruise should be on your bucket list when visiting North Vietnam.


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There are many reasons for booking a Lan Ha Bay cruise with the main reasons being:

  • Relaxation – As previously mentioned above, the cities of Vietnam can be very, very hectic and if you have spent some time in the city, a relaxing cruise is the perfect antidote. Providing you book with an experienced operator who operates at the higher end of the market, you can kick back, relax and recharge your batteries in preparation for your next Vietnamese adventure. Another advantage of booking a Lan Ha Bay cruise, instead of some of the other cruises you may see advertised, is that it’s relatively unspoilt and free from throngs of both local and international tourists.
  • Views – Everyone likes some high-quality photos and videos to look back on. On a Lan Ha Bay cruise, that is exactly what you’ll get. Your skipper and crew will know the best spots for photo opportunities and will only be too happy to take you there.

Image Source: Unsplash

  • Luxury – Again, if you book with a high-end cruise operator, you will barely have to lift a finger. The finest foods and wine will come as standard. Any type of cruise experience is enhanced if you have the best level of service and accommodation and this includes a Lan Ha Bay cruise with a leading cruise company.
  • Information from Destination Experts – When you go on a cruise, it is always nice to have some photos to look back on but the whole experience is significantly enhanced if you have an English speaking destination expert who can give you information on what you’re seeing and where you’re going. 

So, there you have it, 4 great reasons why a Lan Ha Bay cruise should be firmly on your itinerary when you visit Vietnam.

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