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Top 7 Things to do while you are in Nepal

A country of many natural and religious wonders, that is what comes to mind as one thinks about Nepal. If you are to take it one step closer and hit the home run, then when thinking about Nepal- Mount Everest and cerulean Himalayas are the things that spring up first, and with good reason! Nepal is one of the largest sovereign Himalayan states in the south-east of Asia and contains eight of the ten tallest mountain peaks on the planet, including Mount Everest- the highest mountain peak on Earth. For a relatively small country sandwiched between two giant ones, Nepal has a wide range of diversities that pertain to its topography, its biosphere, faunal and faunal species, climate, culture and ethnic traditions. It is a treasure trove of amazing mountainous landscapes and natural elements that inspire awe and amazement. Not only that, Nepal is also a multicultural country where ancient cultures and age-old traditions are still in practice till date, most of which have still managed to stay in their original form without being sullied by modernization. With influences from its neighboring countries and being located at the centre of ancient civilizations, Nepal has retained within itself a sense of its own unique identity and countenance, which is reflected brilliantly in its architecture, art, literature, folk-dances, music and daily practices of the people from occupation to matrimony. There are many things to do here in Nepal, and there is something for everybody, from adventurous activities in the perilous Himalayas to leisurely tours in the rich cultural hearths of the nation. Many travel agencies help with the arrangement of the tours and trekking packages that span all across the country for reasonable prices with good services. One can never run out of things to do in this wonderful land of the Himalayas! Here are top 7 things to do while you are in Nepal- 

1. Trekking 

Nepal’s geomorphologic aspect is one its main attributes that draw in large number of visitors from all parts of the world. The mountain region especially is the main trekking destination of Nepal. Trekking journeys in the country are an amalgamation of exploring and visiting the many ethnic mountain villages that lie at the crevasses and foothills of the Himalayas in the regions and walking along trails and paths that go through amazing terrains and landscapes that are brimming with elements like glacial valleys, sapphire mountain lakes, alpine woodlands and terrace-farms with the constant company of the distant Himalayas. It is a great way to experience Nepal’s many layers of diversity all combined with each other in the most perfect way. From easy trekking trails at low elevations to strenuous journeys taking place at high Mountain Passes, Nepal’s idiosyncratic features offer all kinds of splendid experiences. Among the many destinations for treks, the Everest region, the region of Annapurna, the Manaslu region, the region of Mustang and the Langtang region are some that are quite famous. There are many off-the-beaten-paths trekking journeys as well, that take place away from the regular destinations and offer a relatively isolated experience. Journey like the Trek to Everest Base Camp is the most famous in Nepal, with thousands of trekkers and travel enthusiasts from all parts of the world doing the trek every year. It can be done at any time and by people of all demographics. All regions of the country offer their own unique hallmarks when it comes to trekking. They differ from each other in terms of their land structure, their ethnic population and natural aspects. But the common characters that all destinations of the country share when it comes to trekking are of amazing landscapes, beautiful showcase of traditions and cultures of the ethnic people and wonderful Himalayas that are magnificent in their glory. 

2. Peak Climbing 

Peak Climbing is another adventure that Nepal offers its visitors. It is comparatively more challenging and presents more perils and thrills. Climbing all the way to the summit of the peaks is something that requires good physical endurance capacity, and when the pitfalls and the snowy threats are overcome, the reward at the top is utterly spectacular! For the initial stages of the trip, the journey is much the same as trekking with visits to the ethnic villages and enjoying the diverse landscape; the thrilling part comes along when the peaks are near and it’s time to take out the karabiners, the crampons, the ice axes and the ropes. Some famous Peak Climbing destinations are the Island Peak, the Mera Peak, the Peak of Lobuche and the Naya Kanga among many others. Most of the climbable peaks lie in the Khumbu and the Annapurna regions of the Nepal. 

3. Cultural Tours 

Among its many defining features and qualities, multiculturalism is perhaps the most exotic aspect of Nepal. The country has countless ethnic groups residing at all parts of the land and they showcase their dexterity through many art forms. Nepal also has one of the most dense concentrations of World Heritage Sites in the world, with about 7 heritage sites located within the Kathmandu Valley alone. The religious and historical aspects of the country, like old monarchial palaces, temples and shrines dedicated to various gods and goddesses and ancient cities that contain open complexes ornamented with intricately decorated statues, wood carvings and stone masonry all present a beautifully exotic sight and experience. Cultural Tours in Nepal is the exploration of the many important temples and monasteries the country possesses, along with old Durbar Squares that are the reminiscent of Nepal’s medieval period. Each of the three ancient cities of the Kathmandu valley have the own Durbar Square Complex listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site list, along with Lumbini- the birthplace of Lord Buddha, the founder of Buddhism. Furthermore, the temple of Muktinath, the holy Pashupatinath temple, the Bouddhanath Stupa, the Swayambhunath temple and the Changu Narayan are only some of the religiously significant and artistically spectacular temples that Nepal has. Various festivals and Jatras also take place at various times in the country and they revolve around the legends and myths of the old kings, mythical beings and gods of the Hindu pantheon. Nepal is a place where there are temple more than houses and statues of gods and goddesses more than people and this aspect of the county can be experiences quite extensively as every street corner in the cities or every ridge or piece of certain land in the remote locations and villages both in the mountains and the terai are occupied with temples, shrines, chaityas, gumbas, Bihars or monasteries decorated with colorful prayer flags. 

4. Rafting

Nepal is the second-richest country in terms of water-resources and its many mountains are the sources of ever-flowing rivers, glaciers and various other bodies of water throughout the country. Rafting in Nepal has been gaining a steady rise in popularity in recent years due to the white fast-flowing rivers that provide a perfectly adrenalin-inducing rafting experience! The turbulent flow of the rivers offer amazing thrills while rafting. Famous rivers in the country for white-water rafting include the Trishuli, the Bhote Koshi, the Kali Gandaki, the Sun Koshi and the Seti among others. Rafting is also a great way to take in the natural beauty of the riverside biodiversity as well. The rivers go through gorges and amazing forested valleys, and rafting is a great way to be immersed in the beauty of Nepal’s riverside terrain as well. The bobbling flow of the water, the fast-paced ebb of the serpentine rivers and the coruscating rush of the river tributaries does wonders to lift one’s adventure-spirit! 

5. Wild Life Adventure 

Nepal’s faunal and floral attribute is one of endangered species of plants and animals and their preservation. Due to the difference in the land topography and climate, Nepal has many biomes developed throughout the country which is home to many unique plants and animals, many of whom are in danger of extinction. To protect its natural treasures, Nepal has a network of more than 20 protected areas spread throughout the country. With 10 national parks, 3 wild-life reserves, 6 conservation areas, a hunting reserve and a number of Ramsar sites, Nepal’s wild-life is rich with diversities as well. Among the ten national parks, two of them are also listed under the UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site list as well- the Chitwan national Park and the Sagarmatha National Park. Wildlife Adventure is mainly famous at the Chitwan National Park where exploration of the woodlands and the jungles are done on elephant backs. It is a great way to view animals like the Musk Deer, Langur monkeys, One-horned rhinoceroses, Royal Bengal Tigers and Red Pandas in their natural habitat. Wildlife in Nepal is not only limited to mammals either, its avifauna and retile species are also a myriad of exotic life. The protected areas in the country, along with the preservation of the plants and the animals, also include the preservation of natural elements as well, like lakes, rivers, glaciers, moraines and ethnic villages that fall under the protected parameters. It is a truly wholesome experience that provides the opportunity to be immersed in Nepal’s amazing forests, woodlands, sights of unique and elusive animals and to explore ethnic villages. 

6. Short Hikes 

Short Hikes in Nepal are also quite popular, especially among people who do not want to spend extended amounts of time on long trekking journeys. There are many destinations and locations that lie near the cities of the country where people can escape to get away from the hustle and busyness of everyday city life. Short Hikes are great for rejuvenating interludes and to refresh the mind, and Nepal has lots of beautiful vantage points that can be reached with short hikes from the cities. Places like Nagarkot, Chisapani, Sundarijal, Daman and Dhulikhel are among some of the popular short hiking destinations that are pretty close to the capital and can be reached within a matter of hours. The places also offer beautiful landscapes and green forests along with panoramic sights of the Himalayas and the open valleys. The tranquil atmosphere of short hikes really uplifts the soul; and they are also aesthetically pleasing with features like hiking paths that go under canopies of green trees and vantage points that offer amazing views of the distant cerulean Himalayas.

7. Adventure Activities

Apart from trekking and hiking and peak climbing, other adventure activities can also be done in Nepal, like rock climbing, paragliding, bungee jumping, zip-flying and ultra-light flights. Leisurely boating on the many lakes of the country is also an option, especially in the city of Pokhara- suitably dubbed as “the adventure-capital of Nepal”. Paragliding is also among the adventures in the country that has been gaining popularity. Flying over the landscape and getting amazing sights and views of the land below from the air is something that is quite galvanizing. Adventure, whether it be bungee Jumping from suspension bridges to meet the rushing river below or rock climbing beside a graceful waterfall, is always filled with exceptional moments. Adrenalin-junkies and travel enthusiasts from all around the world must simply experience Nepal’s beauty and go through with adventures that the country offers at least once! 

There are many more things to do, from trekking to leisurely respites like naturally occurring hot springs or even museum visits. Nepal is a country that truly has endless offerings for amazing holidays and vacations with family, friends or even solo trips. It is super affordable and cheap and the country can be visited at any time throughout the year. Nepal is a country that demands a visit at least once in life, and if you haven’t visited Nepal yet, then you are missing out!                                         

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