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Things To Do in Bahrain

Yes, it’s true – we’re all cooped up in our home right now. But, whilst we wait for COVID-19 to pass, there’s plenty of time to dream up your next getaway. For years, you’ve always wondered what life in Bahrain was like.

When this all blows over, you’ll get your chance. An island kingdom that routinely gets passed over, this nation has many hidden charms worth seeing and experiencing.

Not sure what to see or do? In this blog, we’ll talk about the top attractions that Bahrain has to offer. That way, when you get your Gulf Air booking online at Cleartrip, you can be sure your travels will be worthwhile.

Tour The Al-Fatih Mosque

Like much of the Middle East, Bahrain is a nation devoted to Islam. If you wish to connect with Bahraini culture, visiting the Al-Fatih Mosque is practically mandatory.

This landmark, which opened in 1988, was made from the finest materials. Marble from Italy and teakwood from India compose many of this masterpiece’s core elements.

Whilst some mosques restrict access to the faithful, Al-Fatih embraces visitors of all faiths. As you abide by the dress code (no exposed knees/shoulders/chest, women must wear a headscarf), you may enter. Tours are readily available in English and Arabic. French, Russian, and Tagalog speakers are available when requested in advance.

Comb The Ruins Of Qal’at al-Bahrain

Bahrain has been a coveted possession since ancient times. The Dilmun civilization built it to protect their capital city starting in 2,300 BC. From that time on, the citadel passed through the hands of the Kassites, Greeks, the Portuguese, and the Persians.

After the 18th century AD, it was abandoned, slipping beneath the desert sands. Danish archaeologists re-discovered the ruins in the 1950s. They have uncovered much of this complex, but work continues to this day.

Whilst it is a ruin, the walls of the fort are in excellent shape. Just be sure to get the free audio guide. During your visit to this UNESCO World Heritage Site, its expert insight will add depth to your understanding of this place.

Learn More At Bahrain National Museum

There’s more to Bahraini history than Qal’at al-Bahrain. Go deeper by spending a few hours exploring the Bahrain National Museum. This modern facility focuses on three areas – the Dilmun civilization, the pre-modern history of Bahrain, and its natural history.

The Dilmun gallery chronicles the history of this regional civilization, which ran from 5,000 to 400 BC. Here, you’ll find pottery, sculptures, and even a mock-up of a Dilmun burial mound.

The pre-modern gallery contains artifacts from the Greek, Persian, and other periods. Highlights include exhibits on religious and cultural practices, documents, and pearl diving.  

Cool Off At The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park

Bahrain, like the rest of the Gulf region, can get oppressively hot during the summer season. Cool off in style by spending the day at The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park.

A variety of tube slides will thrill daredevils, whilst raft slides allow for group fun. Those in search of a chill day will find it on this park’s Lazy River, and in its spas. And if you have little kids, an expansive area, designed just for them, will keep them busy all day.

Shop Until You Drop At The Avenues

Lastly, don’t leave Bahrain without hitting up The Avenues for a spot of shopping. Like other Gulf nations, Bahrain had no sales tax. However, because of low oil prices, it has followed the lead of the UAE by instituting a modest 5% VAT.

Nonetheless, The Avenues remains a great place to buy luxury goods. These include perfumes, jewellery, and the latest fashions. It also has a selection of restaurants that boast waterfront patios.

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