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Singapore’s Top National Parks Guide for Visitors

Upon setting your feet down in Singapore, you will realize that you are in one of the most attractive islands ever. It is full of life especially in the city where businesses are thriving more than anywhere else in the world. Amid the vibrant city life, Singapore has managed to maintain national parks that are rich in beautiful scenery, animals and plants.

So, do you have a Singapore holiday that is coming up soon? Planning to visit Singapore national parks as one of the attractions should be at the top of your priorities. You will want to consider one of the following parks.

Bukit Batok Nature Park

The park sits on an old quarry that has now been transformed into one of the most tranquil wildernesses. For those who love hikes and nature walks in both thick vegetation and lush scenery, this is the perfect place. If you are well prepared for the day with the right gear like hiking boots, a hat, sunglasses and a camera, your adventure will be like no other.

Labrador Nature Reserve

Although the park is near the city, you will still love the tranquility. The picturesque view of the sea is very amazing. The good thing is that people can quickly take an evening walk in the park even after a busy day at work in the city. Families can also cycle in the park because it has appropriate paths.

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

This park, according to experts at the best Singapore Visa company, is among the most protected national reserves on the island. It has a unique ecosystem dominated by mangroves and over 100 species of birds. Therefore, birdwatching enthusiasts and those who appreciate nature in general will definitely enjoy a visit to this park at any time of the year.

Pasir Ris Park

This is a coastal park featured on the list of the best parks on the island. Basically, it is a lush green stretch used by people who love taking nature walks as they feel the breeze coming from the sea. Whether you are visiting with the entire family or with a loved one, the experience is like no other.

East Coast Park

Before spending an afternoon at the beach, you can pop in at this park to enjoy a beach park that is full of activities. It has hiking and cycling trails that are always busy, making it a very lively place as well. If you want to experience a good time with your family, you must visit the East Coast Park.

Chestnut Nature Park

This is the last park we are going to discuss today. Notably, it is one of the best parks that you can visit in Singapore because it sits on 81 hectares of land. Long-distance hikers and bikers usually come here, and you can join them on any day to enjoy the lush green landscape.

If you choose one of the above parks or reserves depending on your needs, the trip to Singapore will be like no other. Make sure that you are well prepared with the right gear for the tour.

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