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Do you enjoy cruises? Are you the type of guy who detests road trips, motels, hostels and bus tours? If that’s the case then you may already be thinking to book your seat on a glamorous cruise ship to travel from Kousantasi, Turkey to Piraeus, Greece or vice versa. Nevertheless, there is a problem. Most of us love shopping and being on a boat for a pretty long period of time would probably make our life hard and unbearable since we would have nowhere to spend some cash on shoes, clothes or jewelry. But is that situation as awful as it is described?


Unless you travel on a ship most of your vacation, you will categorically have plenty of time to use on various activities such as swimming, sunbathing and for sure shopping. But while aboard you don’t have to lose time and faith. Besides, most cruise lovers nowadays carry almost no baggage with them. Do you know why? Because they buy anything they need while travelling! In the ship there are whole floors dedicated to clients’ clothing needs. Consequently, you can spot from elegant night dresses and costumes to bow ties, bracelets and shoes as sneakers covering even the most demanding tastes. I know what you think-that they will be extremely pricey and only the rich will be able to afford it. That used to be the case in the past, but not anymore. These days everything sold on a boat can be bought by almost all cruisers. So, don’t worry. Just bear in mind that apart from hair salons, casinos and restaurants lots of stores and souvenir shops are there for you.


It is widely known that cruise ship holidays are not just about spending time on a boat? Above and beyond, cruising is about enjoying sea, sun and…various islands or harbors. Supposing you make a stop in the wonderful island of Milos you can spend some bucks on special crafts or jewels made of minerals taken straight away from local mines. Apart from that, there are a few souvenir stores and please don’t miss on the chance of trying local yoghurt and handmade jams.  

If you happen to pass by Mykonos, you will enjoy a wider range of choices in terms of shopping. There is a number of vast supermarkets that don’t only trade cheese or fruit. There you could purchase world-class champagnes, Russian caviar and the most delicious strawberries ever. Apart from that, bargain hunting in Mykonos is like the one in Tokyo, London or New York. To tell you the truth, it’s even better. The greatest clothing brands and perfumeries are within walking distance. Make no mistake pals-this is the Hollywood  stars’ island and astonishing dwellings like Mykonos villas by Clubzak are there to serve their demands in the best possible manner. Try them once and you will stick like a leech on them from then on!

Samos may be your last stop before reaching Turkey, but it’s a beauty. You’ll be amazed by locals’ hospitality and fishermen’s achievements. They are really skillful and loads and loads of people follow the example set by their grandfathers. The main Chora as well as Karlovasi, Pyrgos and Pythagorion are the places for you, greedy shopper. They vend almost anything you can imagine. Souvenirs, local cheese and old-style pites, clothes, shoes, jewelry or the finest wine are waiting for you upon arrival in each of such places. To finish, don’t forget to visit the famous archaeological museums of Samos or take the boat to Kousantasi at the other end of the sea for a bazaar experience.   

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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