Why Southeast Asia is So Good for Solo Travel

Of all the corners of the globe that you could go to on your own, one that you will usually find people travelling solo in will always be in and around Southeast Asia. What makes this part of the world so good? Let’s take a look.


There are so many different options for people who want to head to this area. You could choose to stay within one country, like Thailand, or you might go much further afield. There is always going to be something to explore, and some very different cultures to visit. No matter what type of holiday you might be interested in having, there will be somewhere for you to go. 

Due to this, it is usually relatively easy to pick up flights and accommodation too. You will be able to find a range of hostels, Airbnbs, or even apartments to stay in with no issue. Make sure that you have COVID travel cover as part of your insurance when you buy your policies – it is always better to have it! You should also have no trouble finding ways to travel here. The train network and various buses can be fantastic affordable options for getting around, but it also might be easier for you to just hop on a plane or two.

Meeting People

Though you will be travelling solo, you don’t have to be on your own for the entire trip. Meeting up with people and heading out together can be a great way to see a little more of the area you are in and can build up your confidence to help you go out on your own. This can also be a smart idea if you plan to do any partying. Though the majority of Southeast Asia is safe, it is always a good idea to link up with a group for a night out.

One of the best ways to meet people can simply be by striking up a conversation at a youth hostel. You are all in the same boat after all – all on the road and looking to meet new people – so deciding to start chatting with a few people might be easier than you think. Be as open and approachable as possible and think about potentially swinging by a mixer or themed night in the hostel’s bar to help you make some introductions.


Finally, one of the best reasons to pick Southeast Asia for your solo travel is because it is affordable. Usually, solo travel can be quite expensive as you might have to pay a solo travel fee for hotel rooms. This can quickly add up, especially as you won’t be able to divide the fees for things like taxi rides unless you find someone to travel with as part of a rideshare.

However, Southeast Asia is a little more affordable than other places that you might choose to visit. You might find that you can spend as little as under $10 per day for food and lodgings depending on where you are. Even if you want to go a little more upmarket as a special treat, you should be able to do so comfortably. 

If you want to try out the world of solo travel, you are not going to find a much better place to do it in than Southeast Asia. There is so much on offer here for you to explore, and there will be plenty of chances to meet other solo travellers just like you. Get ready to dive in and find out what Southeast Asia has to offer you now!

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