What are the Best Survival Ponchos for Extreme Weather Condition?

You cannot always be sure of the weather when hiking or camping outdoors, and you want to be prepared for the worst scenario. In addition to packing refreshments, change of clothes, and safety gadgets, you also want to have a poncho in your rucksack, especially when going out under wet weather. 

Walking for hours under the rain or snow can take a toll on your health, not to mention putting a dent in your outdoor experience. With the help of survival ponchos, you can stay warm and dry, while also keeping the content of your backpack safe from the weather. 

Like every other outdoor essential you will need for camping, you want to be extra careful when in the market for survival ponchos. Not all of them are the same, and there are a few things to look for when shopping for the best kind. Before I get into what to look out for in a quality survival poncho, let’s first discuss why you need one. 

What are Survival Ponchos?

Some people often confuse them for a raincoat, but they are a lot different from it. While ponchos are outer garments made to keep the body warm, survival ponchos are a different kind entirely. They aim to provide maximum protection from water while also providing warmth while outdoors. You can also relate it to a blanket with a slit along the side so it can be worn and removed quickly. 

Whether you take them as a raincoat or blanket, ponchos remain an essential gear for every survivalist and should be one of the items on your list when shopping for outdoor essentials. Now that you know what they are about let’s talk more about finding the best ones for you. 

How to Find the Best Survival Ponchos for Outdoor? 

While you can find garment pieces designed like a poncho, not all can keep you warm and safe from the harsh elements in the wild, which is why you want all the help you can find to shop for the best brand. Below are tips on how to buy for the best survival ponchos for extreme weather. 

Weather Appropriate 

You want to choose a protective gear that is right for the weather you will be going out in. There are brands with specs that can withstand the moisture from a heavy downpour and snow, so you want to check out for those. The weather can go from clear to cloudy, especially when out in the wet season, and you don’t want anything to hamper your adventure in the wild. 

In most cases, waterproof material is added as a protective layer in the design of a poncho. You should avoid rubberized materials, as they can trap in heat, which could be uncomfortable when worn for long. 

Right for the Environment 

You also want to choose a cape that is suitable for the condition you would need one. If you are out in the wild with the intention of hunting, you want to opt for an overall that blends with the environment. The military or camouflage survival ponchos may be ideal for hunting in the wild, where you need to stay hidden from your prey. 


It would be best to look at versatile options when shopping for survival ponchos. Having multifunctional gear on your hiking or camping trip is an excellent way to keep things light. Several brands provide overalls that also double as tents or tarp to keep you warm and dry. This page https://safety.lovetoknow.com/personal-safety-protection/list-survival-supplies has more on the best gear for surviving in the wild.

In addition to multifunctionality, you also want to check out the size of your poncho. It would help if you went for oversized options to cover your rucksack and protect all your carry-ons while also keeping you dry. Also, check that there is a hoodie attached to protect your face head and face. 


You most likely will be engaging in rigorous activities outdoors, and it is only right that you get the right gear to support the rugged nature of the wild. So you want to get a material that is both resistant to water, and regular wear and tear. There are many different material options available for ponchos, but when it comes to choosing the best ones for survival, you want to ensure they can hold up in the dirt. 


You don’t want to be carrying additional weight in the form of an overall, so it is best to go for lightweight materials when in the market for one. Polyester and nylon may be a good option when considering weight, but you want to avoid inferior quality brands when considering how much a poncho weighs. 


You want to be able to get access to your pocket and backpack without taking off the overall. Many designers put this into consideration in their outfits, and you want to look out for the ones that work for you. Slits or Velcro openings are standard on the side, while a zipper in the waist region makes it easy to access your fanny pack. Staying warm and dry is essential, so ensure the opening also has a means of closure to prevent you from getting wet. You can check this website for more suggestions on rain gear to keep you dry. 

Quick Setup

How long does it take you to get into your overall and head out with others? This is something else to keep in mind when sorting through the many options available, and the quicker the assembly, the better for you. While most of the best ones are pretty easy to put on, they are others that take quite a while, and you want to avoid those. 

Final Thoughts 

After taking serious consideration of the features above, the last thing to review is the price before concluding on a survival poncho to buy. There are cheap options available, but you want to be careful not to overlook quality for the price.  

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