Top US lakes for a boat rental adventure

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If you are heading to the lakes this summer, then there is nothing quite like a boat rental adventure to really make the trip. After all, why head to such beautiful spots right on the water if you aren’t going to make the most of them? From Lake Havasu City to Lake Tahoe, you are spoiled for choice of where to go. There are so many benefits to discovering the lakes on water. Available with or without captains and with the ability to be booked last minute, there is no reason not to explore the top US lakes via a boat rental. If you are looking for the top US lakes for a boat rental adventure, we have put together some of our top recommendations below that you are sure to love.

Lake Havasu 

If you are looking for a lake that is both scenic, beautiful, and has plenty of things to do then look no further than Lake Havasu. This destination is full of beautiful beaches, scenic nature trails perfect for spending time with your family and loved ones. Boating-wise, Lake Havasu Boat Rentals are the perfect way to enjoy the day or see the evening in. If you enjoy water sports then you’ll be spoilt for choice when visiting lake Havasu. This destination has a whole plethora of watersports perfect, peaking all interests. Lake Havasu boat rentals will not disappoint.

Lake Tahoe 

Based in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is Lake Tahoe, a beautiful freshwater lake that is crystal clear and full of unparalleled views. Depending on your interests, Lake Tahoe has a whole range of activities that you can do from, hiking, biking to skiing, snowboarding, and boating. In fact, when visiting a Lake Tahoe Boat Rental is a must if you want to explore the lake in a unique way and see as much as you can. If you fancy a bit more of an adventure when visiting then a jet ski or a kayak should be on your list of things to consider. 

Lake Michigan 

As one of the largest great lakes by surface, it will come as no surprise that Lake Michigan is recommended as a top US Lake for a boat rental. With a whole range of water sports on offer, you can enjoy diving, yachting, kite surfing amongst many other water activities. Sail past stunning sandy beaches, waterfront towns, historic lighthouses and so much more on your boating trip on Lake Michigan. One thing is for sure – it is not a trip to be missed.

Lake Powell

It is highly recommended that when visiting Lake Powell you do so on the water and consider booking a boat tour or hiring your own but make sure you get the best trolling motor batteries with you. Explore the beauty that the lake has to offer and enjoy a meal at one of the many stunning waterfront destinations that you pass as you sail through the smooth waters.

Lake Travis

Lake Travis in Texas is cited as a great place to visit for freshwater fun and is the ideal spot for a boat rental. There are over twenty marinas on the lake which makes for the perfect opportunity to explore the lake at your own pace, stopping for food or to soak in the views whenever you feel like it.

These are just a few of the top US lakes for a boat rental adventure that you are sure to love! What are your favorites? Have you visited any? Let us know!

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