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Top Outlets for tourists in Orlando

Yes, it is a fact that we all go to Orlando to enjoy and relish in its amusing and indisputably designated world-greatest theme parks but, god has mercy on you if you come back home without some presents and souvenirs for your mom, cousins, neighbors, friends, friends of friends, etc. And although Orlando is the capital of shopping, specially to its numerous classy, signature stores and modern shopping centers, outlets here have become a must-stop for all shopping lovers.

Let’s begin with this

Outlets are commercial establishments that normally focus on the fashion industry, where you can find clothes of renowned brands but, being from previous seasons, they are usually way cheaper than the current ones. What’s the good news? You can walk out of the store with a lot of very important pieces without making the expected large outlay. 

What is more, we can also find many outlets related to appliances, home goods, toys, souvenirs and more… 

Here are some advantages of shopping in an outlet:

  • Big Discounts: You can usually find products with a 40, 50 or 60% discount, and sometimes even more.
  • First brands: It is a myth that the outlets only offer things that “nobody wants”, and this myth deprives us from discovering true jewels among their products. Often, you will find top brands with big discounts, only that they are from previous seasons; or products that could not be sold at the time.
  • Wide range of products: This ensures we find products of any kind. Not only you will find clothes and shoes with great deals, but also all kinds of things we need, such as office or home furniture, cleaning products, toys, office supplies, etc.

A first hand, recommendation is to wear comfortable clothes, and think about your means of transportation as you will end up with a big load of bags, car rentals in Orlando are usually very economic and convenient with their diverse fleet of vehicles to choose from.

Now, let me show you some of the top Outlets in Orlando you definitely have to check out: 

Orlando Premium Outlet – Vineland Road

It is undoubtedly one of the best outlets in Orlando because of the variety of shops it offers. However, you should know that it is outdoors and that if it rains, you will not get rid of the water, although it offers discounts in more than 160 stores. Here you will find renowned brands such as Nike, Ralph Lauren or Levi’s to smaller but also interesting shops. This is a great option to spend the day with a good food court and several restaurants.

The Florida Mall

This mall has a great reputation and it is visited by more than 20 million people every year. The Florida Mall belongs to Simon, the same group as the Premium Outlet mentioned above and the one below. Here you’ll find more than 250 stores, excellent deals, and countless restaurants to stop at and enjoy a great meal. Although there are not as many offers as in the first outlet, it is one of the best outlets in Orlando, and it is quite complete with cheap stores and more exclusive ones such as Michael Kors or Armani.

Orlando Premium Outlets – International Drive

This is the largest one in Orlando, with almost 200 shops to buy with no stopping. Just as the previous one, most of the best outlets in Orlando are outdoors, so do not forget to take your precautions if there happens to be a bad weather. Offers are as good as in Vineland Road as well as its brands, so we recommend visiting both. Also, International Drive is one of the best areas to stay in Orlando with free shuttle hotels for your rented vehicle, so you’ll have it easy.

Orlando Outlet Marketplace

This one is right next to the Orlando Premium Outlets – International Drive. So, you can see the two the same day. Orlando Outlet place is very tiny, but it offers the main brands with good discounts such as the Nike store, although you have to be alert as those discounts are seasonal.

Disney’s Character Warehouse

It is more than obvious that being in Orlando you will visit the Disney Theme Parks and of course, your kids will want to take some gifts home, even you! If this is the case, you cannot miss any of the Disney’s Character Warehouse. It is not an outlet to say, but two stores. One is at Orlando Premium Outlets – Vineland and the other at Orlando Premium Outlets – International Drive. Do not miss them and enjoy their huge discounts!

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