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There Are 4 Digital Nomad Jobs That Really Allow You to Travel.

The pandemic completely changed how we see work. If you can work from home, why not? It is convenient because remote work implies a flexible schedule and is safe, especially during a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some people have been lucky enough to have virtual jobs for quite some time now – but a lot of companies are only now letting their employees work from a distance. This has started a whole new housing market (the tech workers who would rather work from Lake Tahoe than their cramped city apartments).  What if there are remote jobs that will allow you to make money and travel at the same time? Or even more – there is no need to become a software en to maintain a digital nomad lifestyle.

Working remotely will require you to be self-aware and honest with yourself about your needs and goals. Drip Digital may help you with some tips on reading your statistics to understand better how it is going for you.

Virtual Assistant

If you are looking for a remote job right now, try one of those entry-level ones. At the very beginning, you will need only a standard set of skills and get the opportunity to learn all special qualifications. Some companies provide on-the-job training, especially in the customer service field.

A virtual assistant job covers a wide range of administrative and secretarial responsibilities, including, but not limited to, writing reports, transcribing, managing meetings, and sending emails. It may be a great point to start your first full-time digital job.

It is a very diverse specialty that improves your skills and allows you to gain experience in many other areas: content writing, social media management, customer service, or digital marketing, even remote project management.

You can get started by analyzing skills you already have, choosing the most optimal niche where you want to evolve, and creating a profile on freelance platforms.

Online Lessons

If you enjoy teaching, you can offer online lessons in subjects you are well versed in – whether it’s Math or cooking. Currently, you can give both private or group lessons online using Zoom or Skype.You can create your own tutorials and videos on YouTube, or Udemy.

To become an online language teacher, you don’t need a University degree. However, some online educational platforms require a diploma or certificate, especially if you plan to teach subjects in a school or university program. Teaching experience will also not be superfluous. First, it will be easier for you to find an approach to students, and second, it will help you establish yourself as a specialist.

Promote yourself – use other channels such as social media, blogs, and forums to promote your services. If you already have subscribers, create a landing page with a newsletter subscription so that your audience knows what courses you offer.

Graphic Designer

Since the design is a part of our daily lives, it’s not surprising that graphic designers are in demand in many companies. This niche is merely overflowing with opportunities for remote workers. After all, the materials created by representatives of this profession are entirely digital.

Master the necessary skills – study art theory and digital composition. Explore and experiment with a variety of digital and traditional art techniques as well as tools. Create your portfolio. Get started with implementing your projects or offer graphic design services to your friends or family. And when you have enough works sorted out, post them on your website and seek new clients!

Web Designer

Specialists of this digital profession develop user-friendly (UX) and aesthetic (UI) website designs. Thus, web designers have technical and creative skills and can turn the client’s creative ideas into a fully functional product. Other qualities that a web designer must have are the ability to work on tight deadlines, project management, and strong communication skills to explain complex technical terms to clients.

You need to know that this job requires using many design tools like PhotoShop or Sigma and platforms to create websites like WordPress and master your practical knowledge in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You also need to know how to research users’ needs and tune in with a bit of UX sociology as well!

Steps you need to make to become a digital nomad and earn money in this niche are to learn the principles of web design, practice a lot and create a portfolio of your work. This might mean doing some projects for friends at first. Once you have a portfolio with your work, you can promote your services to potential employers on social media and various freelance sites.


Remote jobs have never been more in demand than they are now. The definition of a freelancer today covers countless professions – from English teacher to a video editor. Thanks to new technologies, a lot of people can work remotely and get paid well. However, it is critical to have self-discipline – whether you’re working from home or a beach in Thailand.

Being a digital nomad allows you to control your working schedule, choose a place to work, set a price for your services, and all this while traveling the world or exploring locally. All you need is an internet connection.

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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