Still Procrastinating? Here are 10 Services That Will Help You

Even the best and most diligent students sometimes cannot tune in and do anything but perform academic tasks. It is called procrastination. And this is not laziness but an internal obstacle that prevents us from doing business. And here are ten tools that help successfully fight it.

Google Drive

If you have Gmail, you have free access to Google Drive. This service is a tool for online file storage, but it is much more than just dedicated memory. You can create files here in different formats and work with them online, as well as share access to them with other Google accounts. Accordingly, you will also have access to these files from any device with Internet access – you just need to log in to your account. It is a very convenient way not to lose your files and learn anywhere and anytime.


A bibliography is a stage at which students often begin to procrastinate. After all, the text is already written, and the formatting of sources can be delayed forever, especially if you lose yourself in the rules of style. EasyBib is an automated system that solves this problem. The service generates the correct formatting in the right style online and also checks ready-made citations and bibliography.

Write My Paper

It is always easier to start a task when you have all the information to complete it. But, unfortunately, there are sometimes problems with it in college because there are separate hours for consultation with professors, which are not always convenient for the student. If you have just such an unpleasant situation, you can ask do my paper to find an expert to help you on Write My Paper.

Essential PIM

Many people procrastinate because they do not know where to start. There are a lot of tasks but no plan. Essential PIM is a solution just for the management of studying tasks. Just write down everything important on the program online sticker, set priorities, and forget about keeping everything in your head. You will be surprised at how much resource is spent on it.

Assignment Partner

If procrastination takes a long time, then at some moment, you realize that you will not have time to complete all tasks for the specified deadline. In this case, it is a good idea to ask for help. Highlight what you can do yourself, and the authors of the service will do the rest for you.


This service is a simple and convenient application for your phone with one main task – to make lists. Write down everything you need to do in Wunderlist and do not miss any deadlines. After all, it isn’t easy to procrastinate when you have a list of specific cases, and it is visualized on your phone. By the way, in the application, you can make shared lists for any group projects.


Noodletools is a large-scale student platform with many features and functions. But its main purpose is to help with academic research. All the notes and ideas you leave here are automatically linked to the sources, so it’s easy to bibliography them later.


When the execution of a task consists of endless attempts to understand what it is all about, procrastination is inevitable. Refer to to supplement your knowledge and improve your grades. Studying is much easier when you are interested in doing so. But some such stages and tasks are mandatory and yet boring – for example, editing. But let the authors of this website do it for you and your studies will be much better immediately.


Remember the main rule: procrastination and the working system are not compatible. So use Anki to create this system, namely – visualize all the information on special cards – and be the best student in your class.

So, here’s the whole list of 10 tools to successfully fight procrastination. Try them now and see for yourself how effective they are.

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