Making the most of a holiday in the Maldives

So, you’ve finally done it: this upcoming winter will be the one where you take your dream trip to the Maldives. Yes, this place can be expensive, but after a particularly tough year, you need those overwater bungalows, dreamy deserted islands, and five-star luxury more than you ever have before.

In this extensive post, we’ll run down a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when planning a holiday in the Maldives.

Pick the package that’s best for you

Think holidays in the Maldives are in the exclusive domain of the rich and famous? Things have changed in recent years, as resorts have opened to cater to travellers of all budgets.

With so many amazing deals on spectacular Maldives holidays on booking sites these days, you’ll be surprised how such a luxurious destination could fit into your plans with a few months of dedicated saving.

From honeymoon getaways to family holidays in some of the most pristine tropical surroundings on the face of the Earth, there are packages designed to meet your needs. These will save you money and help you to make the most of your time in this magical corner of the globe.

Book your flights

A fabulous holiday in the Maldives begins in first class on your flight there

Once you have chosen the resort where you wish to stay, booking your flight there is the next logical step to planning a holiday in the Maldives. Unless you are already based in Asia, you will spend a long time in transit, with 12 hours separating the Maldives from London and over 18 hours of flight time (not counting layovers) standing between New York City and Velana International Airport.

If you have enough points or cash saved up, this would be a great time to exchange them for a business or first class fare; after all, if you are headed to one of the most luxurious holiday destinations on the planet, why not arrive there in style?

With champagne on takeoff, world-class food, and lie flat beds to help you snooze away the hours between your point of origin and Male, flying in this manner will put you in the proper state of mind for the epic holiday you are about to experience.

If you’re stuck back in coach, no matter. Pack an eye mask, noise-cancelling headphones, and a tablet filled with your (and your loved ones) favourite movies, TV shows, and games. When you aren’t catching some zzz’s, you’ll be too distracted to notice how long you’ve been up in the air.

Regardless of how you fly, make arrangements to drop into a lounge while on your layover. Whether you stop over in London or Dubai, there will be plenty to choose from. While some are exclusively for the use of business and first-class passengers, some are open to those who possess specific credit cards or who are able to pay a fee (on average, this will cost you about $50).

Here, you’ll have access to spacious chairs, free food and drink, fast wi-fi, newspapers, magazines, televisions, and other unique amenities which differ depending on which lounge you are in.

Dive and snorkel its reefs

After spending some quality time in bed to get over your jet lag, you’ll have an entire week (or longer) in the Maldives staring you in the face. While some may be content to salt the day away on the deck of their overwater bungalow, those who can’t sit still for five minutes will quickly tire of this routine.

Make a snorkelling or diving trip the first activity you get involved in during your time in the Maldives. The Maldives archipelago exists in a massive area of shallows conducive to marine life; with many reefs easily accessible from shore, all you need to do in many cases is borrow fins, a mask and a snorkel from your resort, and wade into the water off your bungalow to discover their many wonders.

Dive trips will take you out to the deeper reefs in your area – here, not only will you be able to catch a glimpse of colourful corals and a kaleidoscope of tropical fish, but you’ll also get a chance to see marine animals like whale sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, manta rays, and more.

Soak up the sun on its beaches

This is why a holiday in the Maldives is so sought after by everyday people

Even if you love filling your day with activity, you will be spending more than your fair share of time enjoying the paradise beaches for which the Maldives is famous. In a nation with an embarrassing wealth of these spots, chances are good your house beach will be an excellent one.

However, it is fun to check out what other amazing islands this nation has to offer. Soon after beginning your holiday in the Maldives, ask your resort if they offer an island hopping tour. If they do, you’ll get a chance to discover local culture on islands where residents live, the opportunity to purchase handicrafts from their artisans, as well as getting to recline on these deserted shores.

Treat yourself to a spa day

You work hard for the money you make – during your holiday in the Maldives, take advantage of one of the best-loved amenities found at any resort here – the spa. Sit back as you are treated to an invigorating foot scrub, enjoy a deep tissue massage that activates every muscle and joint, and treats like hot tea that will rejuvenate your senses.

With an otherworldly atmosphere in the treatment rooms (which often includes glass floors where one can observe fish swimming in the waters beneath), simply being in this place will induce a sense of relaxation that will make you want to tear up your return ticket and stay here indefinitely.

Have something new for dinner every night

Your holiday in the Maldives isn't just about the beach - the food is quite fab as well

At many Maldivian resorts, international dining options are available, and the standard of cooked food is very high. This means that not only will you be getting a break from making dinner during your holiday in the Maldives, you’ll also get a chance to sample the best dishes of various world cuisines during that time.

Japanese, Indian, Thai, French, Italian, and countless other globally famous dining disciplines are represented in the restaurants contained within the resorts of the Maldives. The kinds you will be able to sample will be limited to what your resort offers, so look into this when you are figuring out where to stay.

Also, if you get the chance, do sample local Maldivian food. Whether it is offered where you are staying or if you happen upon a local eatery while in the capital city of Male, doing this will help you to reach out and touch the local culture in a country where many fail to do so.

Tour Male

When on holiday in the Maldives, the majority of visitors take a speedboat directly from the airport island to their resort. When the time comes to leave, they make the same journey, never taking a second to consider visiting the island where the capital city of Male is located.

This is a shame, as this city, while densely populated, is easy to walk around, with most major sights being within a 15-minute stroll from the ferry docks. Highlights include the Friday Mosque, which dates back more than 350 years, Republic Square, and the Male Market.

If you want a taste of the local culture, you’ll find it here. While foreigners are not often seen here, the locals are friendly and will likely be charmed by your presence.

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