Living large in Dubai: a guide

If you want to see Dubai the right way, you need to experience it in the way it demands to be experienced. If you have plenty of money saved up, living large in Dubai is the only way to go. Below, we’ll share our top tips to help you achieve this goal.

Stay in a super luxurious hotel

Start your decadent vacation in this destination the right way by staying in some of the most luxurious hotels the world has ever seen. If money is no object, book a suite at the Burj Al Arab, an uber-modern structure self-proclaimed to be the world’s first seven-star hotel.

With 28 floors and 202 spacious rooms (including the Royal Suite, which costs its occupants $24,000 per night), you’ll have plenty of options depending on how much leeway you have to splash around.

As amenities go, there are nine restaurants and bars which are constantly mentioned in articles as being among the best in Dubai, a private beach which can only be accessed by hotel guests, a limo chauffeur service, and a world-class spa.

Dubai City Tour

Dubai city is one of the most beautiful cities on the earth and the beauty of this great city attracts thousands of visitors each from all over the world. Dubai city welcomes every tourist with an open heart. The city has lots to offer to their tourist and travelers from the desert to the beach, from skyscrapers to heritage attractions and more.

There is lots of Dubai city tour operator who offers exclusive and sharing basis Dubai city tour services, if you are a true adventure lover and want to explore Dubai city then book private basis Dubai city tour deals and experience the fun and adventure like never before in one full day Dubai sightseeing package.

Rent a yacht

Nothing says you're living large in Dubai quite like partying on your own yacht

Even in ‘winter’, Dubai is a hot place to visit. As such, spending at least one day on the water is recommended, as the Persian Gulf is a lovely place to cool off and have a fun time.

There are numerous which rent out party yachts Dubai, so make arrangements soon after your arrival, and you’ll have a day you won’t soon forget.

Why is that?

Apart from living large in Dubai with friends on a baller boat, if you think the views of Dubai’s skyline are awesome from the city, just wait until you view it a couple of miles from shore.

Shop for expensive jewellery at the Gold Souk

Dubai is full of places where you can engage in intensive retail therapy – from Dubai Mall (tonnes of luxury brands and one of the biggest malls in the world) to the massive duty-free shopping centre out at the airport, there is no shortage of venues where you can open your wallet.

If you are looking for a shopping experience that is authentically Dubai, though, you need to take a stroll through the Gold Souk.

With hundreds of vendors hawking jewellery, bars, coins, and other golden items of varying purity, you’ll find something that will help you update your look with a touch of bling.

Dine at the finest restaurants

Living large in Dubai requires you eat well throughout your stay

When you are living large in Dubai, you’ll have a chance to eat some of the finest food in the world at meal times. From Amaseena, which does the most justice to the regional cuisine found throughout Arabia, to Armani/Ristorante, an Italian restaurant in the Burj Khalifa which puts their own unique spin on local seafood, you’ll be spoiled for choice during your stay.

Party late into the night

Despite being situated in a Muslim country, Dubai has some of the most liberal liquor laws in the Middle East. Here, non-Muslims can apply for a liquor licence that permits them to drink in licensed establishments if they are over the age of 21.

Those in Dubai for the purposes of tourism are exempt from needing a licence, but take note that being noticeably intoxicated in public opens you up to the possibility of being arrested, so drink responsibly and mind your behaviour outside bars and clubs.

As for establishments to hit, you can’t go wrong spending an evening at 360, an outdoor waterfront lounge which gives unbeatable views of the city, or at White Dubai, which routinely attracts the hottest DJs in the world.

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