How to Revamp Your Instagram for Travel Bloggers

Did you know that around the world, there are one billion people that use Instagram. Consider revamping your travel Instagram and connect with tons of new people.

Are you wondering how to make your Instagram look good? Not to worry! In this guide, we’ll go over how to revamp your Instagram and show off your travels.

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

What’s Your Niche?

If you want to refresh your Instagram account, think about your vision. What is your niche in the travel world? Do you like to take pictures of nature spots, old castles, or abandoned sites?

Find your niche. You can target followers and create a dedicated group of fans and followers. Having a niche will also help you develop a theme through all your pictures.

Research and Make Goals

Set out goals that you would like to meet. Research some of your favorite accounts and consider what you love about their feed. Are there things that you would like to incorporate into your account?

You can download Instagram video to watch later.

Decide on an Aesthetic

Consider what kind of tone you will create for your revamped Instagram. Some travel bloggers always use a specific color palette like earth tones or pastels. People tend to get drawn to consistent accounts.

Take Quality Pictures

If you want to make your account stand out, take excellent photographs.
Make sure you fill your account with quality photos. Keep your aesthetic consistent, so you build a follower base.

Keep learning how to edit photos. You can choose from many apps that will help your edit pictures. Some popular apps include VSCO and Snapseed.

Don’t use the Instagram filters, but instead use your editing tools. Straighten your image and increase the contrast.

People love bright and colorful photographs. The light is critical for your shots. Consider posting only vertical images to make the most of the screen space.

Post Pictures That Hint at a Story

Upload pictures that capture a glimpse of the adventure you’re on. Followers will become interested in the story you are telling through your photographs.

Write a short caption to go with your pictures. People are more interested compared to pictures of static castles and landscapes.

Commit to Regular Updates

When you revamp your Instagram, you’ll want to create a posting schedule. This way, you can maintain a flow of photos that capture your travels. Followers will stay around and engage when they know you post often.

Capture Unusual Angles and Environments

When taking photos for your travel account, try to shoot something that stands out. People see pictures of oceans, mountains, castles, cities, and sunsets all the time.

Instead, look for something strange or unusual in the area you’re visiting. You might see a unique plant, animal, or building. Try to take the picture from a different angle.

Take Pictures at Sunset and Sunrise 

Make the most of the lighting during the morning and evening. The lighting you have during these moments will give you photos that are full of unique shadows.

You’ll have a lower risk of overexposure during these times as well.

Change up How You Frame Your Shot

When you’re taking pictures of different things on your travels, consider the frame. Break the frame down into three dimensions: the background, midground, and foreground.

The foreground is what you’re focusing on in the shot, and the midground is what’s behind it. The background of the shot is what people can see in the distance.

Instead of thinking of your travel shot as one single image, see the layers in the photo. When you master framing, you can add more depth to your photos.

Rewrite Your Biography

With revamping Instagram, you will also get the chance to rework your bio. Your biography is one of the first things that new and old followers will see when they click on your account.

A bio will inform your audience about your experience and give a hint of your personality. Write a fun and catchy bio to attract your target audience.

On your profile, you don’t have a lot of space, so use shorter sentences. Add emojis and essential hashtags.

If you have another social media account, you can link your blog or YouTube channel.

What About Hashtags?

You need to research hashtags within the traveling community. You don’t want to add hashtags to take up space but use them in a strategic manner.

Try to select twelve top hashtags that are relevant to your image and account.
You can hashtag the photo, the camera you use, the location, and the type of photograph.

Some people will also add the hashtag of the app they use to edit pictures. Find hashtags that aren’t the most popular. Using the #travel hashtag may not get you as much attention as you think.

With the most popular hashtags, photos get uploaded and drowned out by other images.

A well-chosen hashtag will have people browsing it but not as many users posting. Research other travel bloggers and see what hashtags they use to get some ideas.

Now You Know How to Revamp Your Instagram

We hope this guide on revamping Instagram was helpful. Now that you know how to revamp your Instagram, take the time to decide on your niche.

Keep browsing our other helpful resources, and don’t forget to save our site so that you can return later.

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