How to Prepare for a Good Camping Trip

On vacation, many like to be away from the noise of people and seek only the sound of the wind and the song of the birds through a camp, either on the beach or on the mountains.

Imagine going on a camping trip in Iceland with its out-of-this-world scenery, the midnight sun or the northern lights promising a phenomenal outdoor experience.

You and your friends can travel around Iceland by campervan containing essentials and extras as you need them. Pitch a tent or sleep in the camper’s sofa bed — look forward to the many adventures that await camping enthusiasts like you. 

But to do it as it should, it is necessary to be well equipped and for this it is necessary, not a group of things, but complete equipment, that is, a whole kit of items. Here is a complete list of what you should bring for your next camping trip. 

Camping Essentials

Tent: tents are essential because they serve as a place to sleep and store things, just as they serve as a shelter against wind, rain, and cold. Camping in a tent is also an opportunity to enjoy nature. Several possibilities are open to campers. As a camping tent, the specialists designed the hiking tent, the family tent, or the personal tent. The choice of camper among these tents depends on his needs. They are as light as they are easy to wear and handle.

Sleeping Bag: A good sleeping bag is just as crucial as a good tent. Comfort can become a little problematic since you are going to spend an evening outdoors, in nature, foresee everything becomes imperative. Campers know that to get the most out of your vacation, sleeping well is the key. To do this, you need pick a nice sleeping bag. 

Navigation Tool: If your camping in remote areas, don’t go without a map and compass or GPS. Constant changes in the sun’s position can make forest landmarks seem unfamiliar, causing campers to become disoriented. Getting lost with a limited supply of water is no joke. If you are camping with your kids, you can have your children wear personal GPS tracker, so you always know where they are.

Backpack: It is essential that it be a backpack that fits everything you are going to carry and in which you can have some of the items you have, at hand, that is, you do not need to take it off and open it to access one or another product.

Food and water:  The first is drinking water, after that fruit, pasta and sauces, which are always easy to prepare, oil, salt and various condiments. Sausages, canned and soups are also good and fast. Tortillas and square bread, coffee and tea, sugar. Soda powder.

Fire Starter Kit: To light the fire, it is necessary to carry a spark, lighter and newspaper, as well as some fuels that help to start the fire. If you prefer you can carry coal and a small

First aid kit: It is necessary to carry at least the basics, such as analgesics, hydrogen peroxide, anti-inflammatories, anti-allergies, cream for burns, alcohol, tape, gauze, and anti-diarrheal.

Hygiene and personal protection: Toilet paper, toothbrush and toothpaste, comb, deodorant, soap, mirror, sunglasses, sunscreen and lipstick, cap or hat, mosquito repellent.

Tools: Flashlights, batteries, multipurpose blade (with screwdriver, pliers, scissors, among others), ropes, binoculars (maybe a Vortex or a Hawke) , and a map. Now there are applications for the cell phone that come with several tools that can be useful when camping, such as compass, focus and night vision lens.

For Extra Comfort

Mattress: To sleep more comfortable, I suggest the inflatable mattress, which is a self-inflating floor mattress, delivered with an inflator. Your beds must be comfortable, and for you to spend pleasant nights and to sleep in peace, provide a good pillow.

Cookware: It is always good to bring one or two pots, to cook and heat water, a pan, plates, glasses, and cutlery. It is always good to carry at least two knives and a can opener. You can take a coffee blaster and an oven grill is useful, which is small and can be placed on the campfire to roast any type of meat or hold the treats.

Similarly it is recommended to bring several bottles or canteens to store water. Finally, a sponge to wash everything and rags to hold the pots and clean the place. It is always good to carry a portable gas cooker. Also, if the place allows it, bring your cooler, with all the refreshments of your family. In our search we meet our friends from Cemaco and find everything we need.

Entertainment: Radio, music player, Bluetooth speaker, portable charger, camera, books.

Others: Do not forget to bring some cash and also debit or credit card, plastic bags to pick up the trash and throw away dirty clothes; your documents (ID, passport), umbrella, pencil, and paper.


Before going camping, it is important to know what to bring. You can choose some of the gear presented above based on your preference. No matter what you choose, your safety always comes first. If you are going to camp some places where there is no cell service, you can bring GoFindMe GPS tracker. It allows you send message, SOS, GPS coordinates without cell coverage. 

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