Hosting an Event in Another Country

Events and exhibitions are exciting, especially as an attendee with only start and finish times and how you are planning on getting there to worry about. When organising an event falls into your lap, the excitement is still there but is often overshadowed with considering the approach and how you are going to get everything sorted and in place for the event. 

Fortunately, many hotels and event venues have their own event team who can help you reduce the stress and workload regardless of the size of your event. Event teams will be able to help from initial outlines through to closing down your event once it has finished and are on hand to provide advice and suggestions for other aspects of your event including catering and entertainment. 

This is usually the best way to organise a local event, taking advantage of a professional team’s knowledge however when it comes to organising an event somewhere outside your comfort zone – like another country entirely – it can be easy to become too reliant on teams or allow things to slip as you aren’t close enough to pop your head in and make sure everything’s going to plan. If you’ve been tasked with organising an event in another country, here are some pointers to ensure your event goes off without a hitch.

Don’t Go Too Far Afield

Yes, there are some incredible, beautiful and exotic locations out there that offer the opportunity for attendees to incorporate your event with a holiday however, the further afield you go, the harder it is to maintain control during the organisational process. This is especially the case if you are also dealing with a language barrier and difference in time zone. 

You’ll also want to consider your target audience, if you are holding an event that typically attracts people from all over the world, then rotating locations is going to be a benefit to attendees at different times. If the largest majority of your audience is coming from the country you are based in, attendance is likely to drop due to increased travel costs, travel time and the need to arrange accommodation. The fewer things your guests must worry about, the greater the chance you have that they will attend your event.

Make It Easy as Possible for Attendees

Plan as though you were attending the event abroad and consider what you would need to arrange, such as travel to an airport/train station, travel between your location and the event location, food and drink on the way and then depending on the duration of the event or the distance travelled, arranging accommodation overnight. 

While it’s impossible to be on the ground for every individual attendee, you can put together travel plans for areas where a lot of attendees are based, for instance – if you are holding an event in Germany and have a lot of English event attendees, put together a travel plan that details the journey by air, rail and road. Similarly, if your event is going to attract a lot of people overnight, consider reaching out to hotels surrounding your event venue and potentially arrange for a block booking of rooms at a slight discount that can then be used to encourage guests to stay for another day of the event. 

Put Together Local ‘Survival Guides’

In Europe, hopping over to the next country may not be time-consuming but does normally introduce an entirely different language, culture and customs and occasionally, a completely different diet. Providing helpful ‘survival guides’ for your attendees coming onto unfamiliar territory can help make your event a success. Make sure to include recommended places to eat, reputable taxi or travel firms, local customs or practices some basic phrases that can help with manners and getting around. Good phrases to include;

– Hello

– Please/Thank you

– Yes/No

– Can you help?

– Where is the bathroom?

– I don’t speak local language

– Do you speak my language?

By providing this information, it’s a small relief for attendees and can be a nice keepsake from the event as well! 

If you are arranging an event, wherever you want to be in the world, start by talking to the teams at the chosen or potential venue and find out the best way to start organising your next engaging event or exciting function! 

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