7 Great Things to Do In Orlando

Do you live in Orlando or are you perhaps planning a big and exciting holiday to this Florida city? Then it is always good to know about all of the best things to do in Orlando. This big and buzzing city is packed with plenty of wondrous adventures that you can try for a holiday or break that you will never ever forget. Rent an RV in Orlando and check out these top things to do:

Universal Parks and Resorts

You should definitely visit Universal Studios in Orlando. Universal Orlando offers plenty of exhilarating activities such as rides, events, roller coasters, movies and more to enjoy when you visit this superb park. The park also consists of plenty of food stalls with incredible tasting foods. And if you prefer a more peaceful day out then you can always give their relaxing boat rides, park walks, swimming spots and shopping centers a try. The park is best known for its very realistic movie theme parks such as the Wizarding world of Harry Potter, the Islands of Adventure and more.

Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world and absolutely worth your time. If you are on holiday then one full day should undeniably be used for enjoying this theme park with all of its incredible rides, games, and activities. Walt Disney World also includes various mini parks such as Magic Kingdom Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Disney Springs and so much more.


This aquatic world offers plenty of water activities including the tallest and fastest roller coaster rides, the Makro. You can also enjoy lots of sea creature performances, marvel at beautiful fish species and get close and personal with lots of animals such as killer whales, and penguins.

Discovery Cove

Discovery Cove is a must for animal or nature lovers. You can enjoy various activities such as a dolphin swim, explore their grand reef, feed tropical birds or enjoy superb lunches in this fun park.

Hot-Air Balloon Ride

A balloon ride is an absolute must if you are visiting Orlando. There is nothing more whimsical than a smooth balloon ride across the city. If a hot-air balloon ride is on your bucket list then you should give the Orlando Sunrize Hot-Air Balloon Ride a try.

Exotic Animal Experience

This center enables you to pet, feed and interact with exotic animals such as kangaroos, kinkajou, bush babies, fainting goats, and zebra. And yes, they are all real-life animals and it is perfectly safe.

Museum Of Osteology

If all of these adventures are getting the best of you then it is time to head out to a museum like the Museum of Osteology – otherwise known as the Museum of Skeletons. You can go and see over 500 real animal skeletons of different animal species from all over the world.

Orlando is one of the best cities you can possibly explore. There are few places as buzzing and filled with adventure as this great city.

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