5 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do In Sydney

There’s something about Sydney. Both cosmopolitan and laid-back, Sydney has the culture, the weather, the style, and the nature for every type of visitor. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a foodies, we’ve compiled a list of 8 fun outdoor activities guaranteed to make your Sydney adventure one to remember. 

1. Go Fishing 

Get out on the open water with Fishing Charters Sydney. There are charters for all levels of anglers and you can customise your trip to target a specific species of fish, for example Tuna, Bream, Snapper, or Kingfish. 

Taking a fishing charter in Sydney is a cool way to see the coast, get to know the local wildlife, and learn from local fishermen. Not to mention, you’ll get to catch your dinner too. With all fishing gear included, you’ll spend the trip fishing in the best grounds like the Tasman Sea, the East Reef, and Broken Bay. If you’re a keen angler or have always wanted to give it a try, Sydney is the perfect place to take the plunge.

2. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

When you think of Sydney’s skyline, you most likely think of the iconic Sydney Habour Bridge. If  you’ve got a head for heights and you’re in the mood for adventure, why not climb it?

BridgeClimb takes daring climbers on a 3.5 hour journey to the summit of the Harbour Bridge which stands at 134 metres. You’ll climb ladders, walk along catwalks and walk the 1332 steps to the top. The climb is done in groups of 14 climbers, all clipped together. Once you make it to the summit, you can enjoy incredible 360 degree views of Sydney. It’s worth the climb.

3. Watch the Opera on the Sydney Harbour

A visit to the emblematic Sydney Opera House is a must on any bucket list. However, if you want a more outdoorsy experience, try to plan your trip for the start of April. This is when the opera moves outside to the water. Take a seat near the Fleet Steps at Mrs Macquarie’s Point and marvel at the operas which are performed on a floating stage. Be sure to get there in time for the sunset. The colours are out of this world. You can even enjoy a themed dinner and drinks menu before the show and cap the night off with an amazing fireworks display.

4. Get Lost in the Blue Mountains

Get out of the city and into nature with a trip to the incredible Blue Mountains. Located just west of Sydney, the Blue Mountains are something else. Brimming with hidden waterfalls, eucalyptus trees, bushwalking trails, and epic rock formations (we’re looking at you, Three Sisters), the Blue Mountains are a nature-lover’s dream. You could easily spend weeks in the Blue Mountains, hiking, visiting the Wildlife Park, dipping in cascading waterfalls, and taking a ride on the steepest incline railway in the world at Scenic World. You won’t ever want to leave.

6. Eat your Way along Darling Harbour

Sydney is a foodie’s dream. So why not tantalise your tastebuds and take a food cruise on Darling Harbour. With different options available, you cn take your pick and have a truly delicious meal while you cruise down Darling Harbour admiring the islands, the sensational national parks, and some pretty extravagant homes. It’s a great way to relax after an action-packed weekend of adventure and soak in the sights over some delicious grub. Simply heavenly.

Final Thoughts

There is no shortage of amazing, aventure-filled activities to do in Sydney. With balmy summers and mild winters, a laid-back surfer vibe, and a buzzing nightlife scene, you may never want to leave. 

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