5 Affordable Weekend Getaways in the US

Are you exploring the US for a budget-friendly weekend of endless enjoyment and fun? There are many places to explore and see, from cosmopolitan cities and countryside towns to alpine valleys and riverside retreats. Planning an affordable weekend getaway in the US is incredibly easy for travelers willing to walk and enjoy street food. 

National parks are undoubtedly the best choice, as they require minimal spending and offer endless adventure. Budget travelers can leave out luxury hotels and stay in affordable cabins and Airbnb rentals. We’ve compiled a fantastic roundup of budget-friendly destinations in the US to help you plan your weekend getaway. 

Here, take a look:

Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee

The Great Smoky Mountains summon adventurers, families, and honeymooners with the temptation of a well-rounded, affordable vacation. The region offers everything, from snow-laced vistas and nature trails to theme parks, countryside charm, cultural diversity, and historical heritage. 

The National Park is home to hundreds of nature walks and hiking trails, including the legendary Appalachian Trail. Each hiking trail will lead you towards verdant greenery, wildflower meadows, soaring cliffs, and cascading waterfalls. Some experiences in the Smokies are genuinely unique, such as walking amidst the stunning displays of fireflies during the chilly nights. 

Be sure to check out the quaint, alpine town of Gatlinburg for delicious food, flavorful wines, and artisanal crafts. Once there, you’ll need a quiet, cozy place to stay if you want to enjoy the scenery. Search for Gatlinburg cabin rentals on Google before you pack to rent comfortable cabins according to your requirements, so when you finally reach, you can check right in without waiting.  

You must visit Cade’s Cove, Clingman’s Dome, the Laurel’s Falls Trail, and Pigeon Forge to explore the best of the Smokies. The region is sprawling with lakes, streams, waterfalls, trails, and hidden spots, so keep room for spontaneity in your itinerary. 

Antelope Canyon, Arizona

If your heart craves adventure and you’re on a budget, Arizona’s Antelope Canyon is the perfect destination to explore. Adventurers, backpackers, and budget travelers flock towards Navajo to connect with nature and explore breathtaking canyons and sandstone formations. Spring and summer are an excellent time to catch the stunning light beams that mesmerize the onlookers with every turn. 

You can divide your time between the upper and lower Antelope Canyon, enjoying rip-roaring rock climbing adventures. Keep in mind that this journey demands physical fitness, canyoneering gear, and functional hiking boots. 

You can explore the dramatically beautiful Canyon X, an endlessly dramatic portion that fascinates with its depth. Watching the color tones and sandstone formations is a hair-raising experience that will leave you amazed. 

You can also explore the beautiful curving formations of the Secret Canyon and the Rattlesnake Canyon. It’s a great idea to explore these deeper canyons as part of adventure groups and tours. Venturing out alone requires seasoned rock climbing and canyoneering skills. The Horseshoe Bend is another fabulous attraction that will take you towards a scenic stretch of the Colorado River.

Some other popular attractions include the Alstrom Point, the Wave, White Pocket, Lake Powell, and Studhorse Point. 

Moab, Utah

Utah is the ultimate state of budget-friendly adventures, of which the Moab offers endless opportunities to explore and discover beauty. If you’ve ever wondered what it’d be like on Mars, take a trip to Moab instead.

The landscape is dominated by rich and dramatic shades of red, etched across soaring cliffs that disappear into the clouds. The ground is covered with pigmented red sand, making the landscape unreal and otherworldly. If extraterrestrial beings ever decide to visit Earth, Moab is where they’ll set up camp! 

Moab is home to the famous Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, but we advise you to take the road less that is less traveled. If you’re an outdoorsy adventurer, you have much to rejoice in the lesser-known hidden gems. You can explore uncrowded hiking trails, mountain biking adventures, rock-climbing cliffs, and ancient rock art. Moab is a treasure trove of experiences that’ll compel you to venture off the beaten track. 

Amazingly, the landscape is sprawling with budget-friendly with Airbnb rentals as low as $12 per night. If you want to enjoy cheaper accommodations and sleep under a canopy of stars, camping grounds are abundant. 

Louisville, Kentucky

A southern adventure is a perfect treat to delight your senses without going overboard on your budget. Louisville offers the best of the iconic Kentucky Bourbon trail – an experience dominated by tasty southern cuisine. This journey is all about exploring authentic southern dining establishments, such as MilkWood and Galaxie. 

Wine tasting is another fabulous experience, and you don’t need to throw hundreds of dollars. Just head out to the Huber Winery for a day of indulgent winemaking experiences. The local farmlands and farmer’s markets are incredible, and you can take the kids for a vegetable-picking tour. 

The Highlands of NuLu is sprawling with budget-friendly rentals, bread and breakfasts, restaurants, and exciting nightlife. 

Taos, New Mexico

Are you yearning to go abroad but don’t have the cash to cross the border? Well, Taos is the closest you can come to crossing the border and exploring a distinctive terrain. Taos will take you to the heart of the Land of Enchantment, nestled at the foot of the glorious Sangre de Cristo Mountains. 

There’s much to admire and rejoice in the art-loving community of Taos. It offers the best of New Mexico’s free-spirited ambiance and culturally rich heritage. The Pueblo-style architecture is a feast for the eyes, and the climate is excellent. Taos beckons art lovers with its vibrant and endlessly creative arts scene. 

Head out to the Millicent Rogers Museum and the Hardwood Museum of Art. Taos is sprawling with handicrafts, artisanal marketplaces, and art galleries. You can explore a world of excitingly affordable and finely crafted pottery. 


Planning a budget-friendly weekend getaway is easy, as long as you’re careful about your spending. Typically, accommodation and transportation take up a big chunk of a traveler’s budget. You save up significantly by choosing to camp instead of staying in luxury accommodation. 

Similarly, walking on foot and taking the local bus is more affordable than getting Ubers and taxis. Lastly, reducing your fine dining experiences and opting for street food vendors will also help you save up. Be mindful of your spending and focus more on collecting experiences and making memories. 

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