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Why the electric bike is a great option for your commute abroad

Nowadays, it is very important to stay healthy and be active as much as possible. No matter if you are going to work or going on a holiday, having an electric bike is a better choice than having a car or renting one. Want to find out why an electric bike is a great option for commute abroad? 

The answer is very simple – because having an electric bike and commuting with it while you are on your holiday allows you to enjoy the outdoor weather and explore new places. Let’s go through more about it. 

Electric Bike Tours and Commuting Abroad

When you are getting ready to pack your bags and go on a holiday, the first thing that comes in mind – how will you commute while you will be abroad? Will you rent a car? That is too expensive! Our suggestion is to try and rent an electric bike or, better, take your ones if you have it. Believe us, you will be so happy that you’ve made this decision, and for the next time, you will not doubt taking the e-bike again. 

One of the main benefits of taking an e-bike and commuting with it while spending your days abroad is the cost. Let’s do the simple math – while renting a car; you will have to pay for the rent and the gas if you are willing to travel a lot. However, if you would rent an electric bike, the only cost would be the rent itself. Even cheaper if you have your electric bike. Besides, if you are just a few miles away from the museums and other sightseeing spots from your hotel, it is just a rip off to take a car. Electric bikes are smaller, easier to handle, and cheaper to travel with. Maybe the country that you are travelling in has some wonderful bike tracks where you can explore the environment. 

Why is an e-bike a great option for commuting abroad? 

Among the fact that it is much cheaper, an electric bike provides a lot more benefits while commuting abroad. E-bikes allow you to cover a great distance and see more that you would with a car. Many bike tracks allow you to see multiple landscapes and explore the country more. Besides, an electric bike conquers hills and bumpy terrains, so it makes you avoid those sweaty and exhausting little trips by foot. 

However, before considering to take an electric bike with you, find out the prices as it will not be very cheap to take it on the plane (except if you have a small folding e-bike.) Besides, always find out the rules and regulations for electric bike commuting in the country that you are travelling in. Every different country has its own rules for electric bikes, so be aware of that. 

Should you take an electric bike and commute with it abroad? 

The answer is definitely yes! Why would you need to spend all that money on renting a car and the gas for it, while you can exercise more, explore more, save more and also be more see everything around while commuting with an electric bike. Just imagine that you can explore all those mountains, beaches, and other landscapes with the wind in your hair. As for us – it is a perfect way to spend an active and exploring holiday without ripping your pocket. 

Commuting with an electric bike while on holiday opens a lot of opportunities to see and explore new places. For more info on electric biking check out the Wearethecyclists.com.

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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