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Travel Tips For New Travelers

Traveling somewhere far from home can be as frightening an endeavor as it is exhilarating. There are a lot of things you need to do beforehand, depending on how long you plan to be gone. There’s making sure you have the funds for prolonged visits to other countries, getting your passports in order, getting a someone to keep an eye on your property and more.

In the following, we’ll cover a handful of central things to keep in mind, as well as travel tips to ensure your safety abroad – or closer to home, if you prefer restricting your next adventure to other cities in your home country. And no matter where you’re going, keep in mind that you cannot plan for everything; a huge part of traveling is being equipped to sometimes just go with the flow and adapt on the fly.

Getting Ready – Essential Luggage

This is one of the more important things to plan because, although you can certainly buy some things on the go, you should keep in mind that cities and countries seriously inflate prices for known tourist items. No matter where you go, chances are you’ll need toiletries, for example; even the liberal spender will balk at spending $15 for a towel when you can get one for $3.99 at home. It adds up quickly!

As such, make sure to pack one towel per person. You never know when the opportunity for an especially scenic picnic arises, or if there’s an impromptu opportunity to go swimming. Don’t pack too any clothes, however – you’re not going to a fashion show. The primary reason to pack light is to limit the size of your the luggage you have to carry around when far from home. It is not at all uncommon for travelers to don the same shirt for several days in a row before changing. With that said, bring enough underwear to be able to change daily. Socks are included in underwear, by the way; this is a veteran tip for new travelers. You’ll be out-and-about the city a lot, and dry socks are a necessity.

Money and Cards

Many experienced travelers stress the importance of taking bank cards that don’t charge you extra for using an ATM that doesn’t have their brand on it. Trust these vetersn: the fees can really pile up on a travel expedition. Why give your a bank an extra $100 over the course of a long expedition, just for spending your own money? Banks are only in business because you decided to put your money in their coffers!

Similarly, consider getting a travel credit card specifically – they aren’t difficult to obtain, since tourism is such big business. There are many perks, and they are unlikely to have foreign transaction fees associated with them; it’s a competitive endeavor, after all, and travelers will quickly opt for the ones that are of benefit to them during an excursion.

Leave Your Place Secured and Ready for Your Return

No matter how long you plan on being gone, your tourist Visa will expire, and you’ll eventually want to get back to your life. There’s a reason why the old adage “there’s no place like home” has resonated throughout the centuries. Make sure your apartment or house is clean and ordered so that you don’t return to a mess from your exhilarating but exhausting trip – the last thing you want to do is have to clean up when you get back.

Because of the likely jetlag, you’ll want your bedroom ordered and your mattress ready and available for you to crash. Just as importantly, you will also need to make sure nothing perishable is in your fridge or out on the kitchen counter – you don’t want to return from vacation to the Jungle Book.

Vacation Tips As When You Get There

There are a few choice traveler’s tips here: first, always try to awaken early in the morning before the crowds start to congregate. Just in case you plan to make Instagram stories and social media diaries of your travels, early shots are the best shots – otherwise you will have to deal with many other people looking for similar photo opportunities. The single bonus to having a crowd is that you’re likely to find someone who’s happy to take a picture of you next to a landmark.

You likely made an itinerary, as well as plans of what to do on your travels. Be ready to alter those plans, though, as new unprecedented opportunities arise; you don’t want to miss wonderful opportunities just because you didn’t squeeze any time in for them . One of the best parts about traveling is as an escape from the rigidity of your work life. Be flexible and enjoy your travels!

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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