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Things to do off the Las Vegas Strip

Things to do in Vegas once you have lost all your money and hope in life

Let’s face it – Vegas is the place where hope and dreams go to die. The house always wins – unless you went to MIT and can actually beat math, or you practiced already on this site, you will most likely walk away with less money than when you waltzed in like Mussolini. But that is okay, just because you leave penniless doesn’t make you a loser. Being an unemployed 33 year old living off your parents and delusions of accomplishment does.

But enough about me, back to the plot – there is much more to Vegas than roulette, questionable seafood buffets, club binge drinking, and being hangover at a pool party pretending not to be wading in in drunk peoples pee – much more actually.

Vegas is a city in a perpetual evolution. And while cheap drinks and throwing money around are obviously Vegas’s historical contribution to American society, you can also walk away with some nice memories to share with gran sans alcohol and gambling should you plan a little you time my much deserving sweet little sashimi. So here is a list, in no particular order, of things to do off the Las Vegas Strip that do not require your soul and a chance on hitting snake eyes.

Red Rock

things to do off the las vegas strip

It is amazing something as beautiful and pure is only 25 minutes away from Sin City. While your soul may be long gone by time you get there, you may feel a deeper sense of purpose gazing at the gorgeous scenery surrounding Las Vegas and find some solace still. Red Rock is worth the trip if you want to find something to do off the Las Vegas Strip.

Neon Museum

things to do off the las vegas strip

things to do off the las vegas strip

If you want to grab a little piece of history while debaching away, check out the Neon Museum near old Vegas. It has a whole park littered with signs from a bygone era showcasing a living history of Las Vegas’s evolution. Stop by, your mom will love you for it.

Mob Museum

things to do off the las vegas strip things to do off the las vegas strip

The mob created Vegas, so it seems fitting that you give the creators a head nod and learn what went into the sausage. Just off the old Vegas strip, The Mob Museum is the perfect way to beat the heat and impress your friends with all your newfound gangster knowledge.

The Grand Canyon

things to do off the las vegas strip

What better way to cross off two bucket list items in one go than a helicopter ride to the Grand Canyon? A drive would take you all day – this way includes from stellar aerial views of Hoover Dam and the Strip.

Helicopter over the city

things to do off the las vegas strip

If the Grand Canyon isn’t in your left over gambling losing budget or your are out of time, it is still worth an aerial tour of the Strip.

Bungee Jump and other weird rides at the Stratosphere

things to do off the las vegas strip

More than just Bungee, the Stratosphere offers a few different weird rides that make your gut flop. Not recommended if you have a hangover unless you want to leave more than your money in Vegas.

My Favorite Vegas Show- Absinthe

things to do off the las vegas strip things to do off the las vegas strip

I’ve seen quite a few shows on the strip. Absinthe, however, is one I continuely come back to with its combo of crude humor and acrobatics.

Gold Spike

Many towns now feature bars with cornhole and beer pong, but it is nice to have a little break in Vegas from – well – Vegas. Some of the games here are super-sized too – ie trash can beer pong.

Roller Coaster at New York New York

things to do off the las vegas strip

A New York Taxi themed roller coaster inside a hotel. What’s not to love? A lot if you are hungover….

Tour the Bellagio’s Foyer

things to do off the las vegas strip

If gratuitous drinking and sleeping with questionable club goers night club parties isn’t your thing, check out the Bellagio’s latest full scale diorama. From spring time to the Chinese New Year, the Bellagio uses flowers and floats to create pleasant scenes in their foyer to make you forget your just maxed out your credit card and woke up naked next to empty bottles of Cheese Wiz. There is also some of the famous Chihuley glass worth millions dangling from the ceiling year round.

Drive weird scooters, muscle cars & exotic cars

things to do off the las vegas strip

…And why not?



All you can eat sushi

Las Vegas locals love Sushi Mon

Downtown Cocktail Room

Speakeasy – word of mouth place. Has a trick door with no handle or door knob.

Tacos and Beer

This place does awesome tacos and beer. They also have Techno Taco Tuesdays with DJs “on Tuesdays, we techno”

Sweets Raku

A Japanese dessert restaurant

Tank pool at Golden Nugget

Shooting range?


Quick Tips

Getting there: If you’re heading to Las Vegas and you want to head there in style, offer business class flights to Las Vegas that are much cheaper than you’ll find online.

Which hotel? The Wynn is the most glamorous hotel on the Strip but it’s also quite far north, right at the top end. If you want to stay somewhere central with a super trendy vibe, The Cosmopolitan is probably the way to go.


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