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These Are The Best Beaches To Visit In Vietnam

Vietnam is known for its spectacular beaches, and that is likely a big part in your decision to visit. However, not all beaches are created equal, as anyone who has been to a so-called paradise understands. Unfortunately, humans have not been the kindest to beaches, and even the most stunning white sands may be spoiled by an obscene amount of litter.

Finding the best beaches in Vietnam sometimes requires you to go off the beaten track. You will miss out on beaches that are famous for what once was, and instead see those that still have space on which to stretch out and relax.

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Here are the top beaches in Vietnam that aren’t covered in litter or too crowded to enjoy.

Cat Ba Island

Situated in Halong, Cat Ba Island is a hidden gem somewhat far from the hustle-bustle of Halong City. It is host to the same stunning limestone cliffs and crystal clear waters. However, you won’t have to push through hundreds of tourists to get your own spot on the ground.

Rather, you will have plenty of space to spread out and enjoy yourself. Plastic won’t ruin your experience of the island either. A lack of litter is one of the biggest positives that come from going a little further out of your way. Litter on beaches is incredibly disillusioning, as a reminder of just how little people care about even the world’s most beautiful places.

Ho Coc

If you want a somewhat different experience, and have a car available, Ho Coc is well worth a visit. Ho Coc is a gorgeous beach on the eastern coast. Its landscape is very different from most other beaches you’ll see, with large sand dunes and forests.

While there are hotels nearby, this area is largely untouched compared to other beautiful spots. You’re not likely to see all that many other people at Ho Coc beach during the week, so it is perfect for anyone who wants to relax in the luxury of silence. On weekends, however, many locals come out to this beach.

Star Beach, Phu Quoc

If you’re in Phu Quoc and want to avoid tourists, you may want to skip Long Beach and go straight to Star Beach. With its white, powdery sand and crystal clear waters, it makes for the perfect spot to take photos, relax, or swim. You won’t have to fight off too many fellow tourists, although it isn’t going to be empty either. It is ideal for those looking for something in between, neither too chaotic, nor too deserted.

It does have its fair share of tourist amenities, as well, so it is a great place to spend a day even if you haven’t done too much planning in advance. Lie down and relax, and when you are hungry, you will find plenty of food options available.

All of Vietnam’s beaches are beautiful, but untouched beaches are that much more enjoyable. Try out the above beaches and tell us what you think!

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