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Sailing the islands of Croatia? Discover Dalmatia’s best-kept secrets.

The Mediterranean is home to some of the most glamorous seascapes on the planet. From the French Riviera to the isles of Greece, you’ll be blown away by what you’ll find. Sadly, tourists have overrun many of these places.

Today, the islands off Croatia’s Dalmatian coast are among a few places left untouched by the tourist hordes. However, it won’t be long before they discover these spots as well. To get away from the crowds, you’ll want to take advantage of a yacht charter.

Below, we’ll share the top islands to sail to if you want to escape speedo-wearing holidaymakers.

Dugi Otok

If losing the fanny-pack brigade is job #1, steer your yacht towards Dugi Otok. It’s a skinny isle, stretching 45 kilometres northwest to southeast, but only four kilometres across at its widest point. Add the fact that it’s lightly populated and touristed, and it’ll be easy to find a deserted beach for you and your crew.

When you aren’t admiring its natural attributes, chill with locals in authentic villages. Just don’t expect throbbing nightlife – apart from the odd local tavern, these places are pin-drop quiet at night.


Centuries ago, Losinj was the getaway of choice for royals in House Habsburg. This fact influenced the facades of the towns on the island, making them quite attractive.

Despite this, tourists have overlooked Losinj, instead opting to visit other Croatian isles. Take advantage of this oversight by spending a few days exploring everything this destination has to offer. Lovers of culture will not want to miss the Muzej Apoksiomena.

This institution focuses on an ancient bronze statue of Apoxyomenos, a Greek athlete. Apart from it, you’ll learn about sports in ancient Greece, Greek deities, and other aspects of life 2,000 years ago.


Are you sailing together as a family? If you want to avoid Croatia’s party-hearty isles, spend time on Susak. This place has one village, no roads – and not a nightclub to be seen. You won’t be lacking for things to do, though. Beach lovers will be in heaven, as they’ll find several yellow sand beaches here.

Hiking trails crisscross the island, bisecting forests and fields of oregano. On clear, windy days, locals fly kites – visit in mid/late June, as a festival dedicated to this activity happens at this time.


Initially named by ancient Greeks for its dense forests, Korcula is now best known for its wine. Don’t worry about being crowded out by snobby oenophiles, though – the scene here is still under-the-radar.

When you aren’t sampling Korcula’s best white wines, explore its Old Town at a leisurely pace. Peak season can be relatively busy, but you won’t ever feel overwhelmed. Make sure to pay your respects to Marco Polo at his house, as it was here where he grew up.

Let your muse be your guide

All the islands mentioned above are cracking places to drop anchor. However, you’ll find the magic of travel in unforeseeable moments. If a specific isle is calling your name, visit it. It may turn out to be the highlight of your trip!

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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