Siem Reap – What To Do, Where To Stay

Cambodia is a magical country that is rich in culture with a history that stretches back thousands of years. The Khmer Empire once covered a swathe of land that extended across South East Asia from the northern reaches of Indonesia to southern China, making their mark on the region as they went. 

There are countless monuments to Khmer’s presence in the region, with ancient temple complexes still being uncovered by archaeologists today. The most famous Khmer temple complex in the world and the one the majority of us have heard of is of course Angkor Wat which is situated just outside the Cambodian city of Siem Reap.

As you’d expect, Siem Reap is geared up for tourists who wish to visit this man-made wonder of the world and people generally spend at least 3 days here. For people who want to combine their historical tour with a relaxing break, there are a number of Siem Reap boutique hotels that provide an optimum level of comfort in relaxing environments. Siem Reap City is not without its attractions, with the aptly named ‘Pub Street’ containing a number of high-quality restaurants and night markets in the immediate vicinity. In this article, you will be provided with a typical 5-day itinerary that allows you to visit the most important sites of interest but also gives you time for ample rest and relaxation.

Suggested Itinerary 

Below is a suggested itinerary for a trip to Siem Reap aimed at giving you ample time to visit all the must-see attractions, spend a few afternoons by the pool and go out for dinner every night and have a little boogie in the pubs around town. 

Day 1 – You will arrive at your boutique hotel. Afternoon will be spent lounging around the pool recovering from the flight. Enjoy an evening meal and drinks at a restaurant in nearby Pub Street. Confirm sunrise pick-up for trips to Angkor Wat.

Day 2 – You will be picked up at hotel at 4:30 a.m. and travel to Angkor Wat to watch the sunrise, which will be a spectacular view. You will then visit some additional temples, including Angkor Tom, and return to the hotel at 1:00 p.m. to spend an afternoon and evening at leisure.

Day 3 – You will be picked up from the hotel at 11:00 a.m. to travel to Angkor Wat and visit more notable temples. Stay to watch the sunset, which is equally as spectacular as the sunrise.

Day 4 – At 7:00 a.m., you will start the bicycle tour of Siem Reap with local guide, visiting local villages and other areas of interest within a 15km radius. The afternoon and evening will be spent at leisure and in watching a cultural dance in a traditional restaurant.

Day 5 – After breakfast, you will check out for onward flight home or for optional beach holiday in Thailand or Bali.

Although it is possible to see the most notable temples in Angkor Wat in a day, it may be too short a timescale to adequately appreciate this man-made wonder.

If this type of itinerary sounds like your kind of trip, all you need to do is contact a specialist Cambodia tour operator who will be able to build you an itinerary based on your specific requirements and schedule.  

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