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How to Spend One Day in Amsterdam

24 hours is not long enough for anyone to truly experience Amsterdam. But, it is enough to get you hooked on this dynamic Dutch city. If you want to spice up your weekend with a quick overnight trip, here’s what you can do in Amsterdam in one day.

Check out one of its famed museums

Amsterdam’s racier attractions may overshadow them, but this city has more than its share of museums. You won’t have time to see more than a couple, so we’ll talk about its top spots below.

Lovers of the arts won’t want to miss Rijksmuseum. It contains paintings, drawings, and historical objects from the past 800 years of Dutch history. Featured artists include the likes of Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Steen.

The Anne Frank Museum is a must. It is situated where the famous Jewish diarist hid with her family hid before being discovered by the Nazis in 1944. Reconstructed to the best of Otto Frank’s memory, this 500 square foot annex shows you how they lived up until their capture.

Finally, the Van Gogh Museum shows off the works of Holland’s best-known visual artist. Within this modern facility, you’ll find hundreds of original paintings, drawings, and correspondence attributed to this brilliant creative.   

Go for a cruise on its canals

Known as the “Venice of the North,” Amsterdam is famous for its canals. Permeating every corner of its city centre, going on a cruise is an easy way to see the sights. These rides will take you past historic neighbourhoods, attractions like Anne Frank House, and more.

Would you rather leave the tourists behind? Thankfully, boat rental Amsterdam makes this possible. Their skilled captains will take you and your group anywhere you please. You can see the sights this city is famous for, or you can see the real Amsterdam. With 165 canals to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Explore the Jordaan

Want to dive straight into the arts community in Amsterdam? Set aside a couple of hours to walk around the Jordaan. Originally a working-class neighbourhood, its affordability allowed musicians, painters, and other artists to take root over numerous generations.

When you aren’t taking in a performance in a local pub, check out its smaller museums and churches. Or reflect that, as recently as the 1970s, this gem was almost demolished to construct apartment buildings.

Thanks to the efforts of activists, it remains as a hub of culture and cool to this day.     

Chill out in Vondelpark

Need a break from the crowds of tourists? Escape to Vondelpark for an hour or two. On a sunny day, locals flock to this place to hang out, toss a frisbee, or to go for a run.

If you’re lucky, you might get to catch a concert. Throughout the summer months, the city sponsors free shows for the enjoyment of its citizens.

Check out its markets

Amsterdam has long been famous as a trading centre. As such, its markets are well worth a visit. Start at the Flower Market, which floats on a canal and boasts tulips, geraniums, and more. Next, move on to the Noordermarkt, which sells organic foods and baked goods on Saturdays. 

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