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How To Spend A Weekend In Las Vegas

Has your life become dreadfully dull lately? You’re not alone – in our home lives, we all go through stretches where we question our lives. In truth, there likely isn’t anything majorly wrong – rather, you just need a quick change of scenery to shake things up.

Every year, millions of people head to Las Vegas with this in mind. However, as of now, you don’t have time for a full vacation. You can, however, spare a weekend soon.

What can you get up in Las Vegas during a quick 48-hour visit? We’ll run down a few possibilities below.

Game To Your Heart’s Content

You didn’t come to Las Vegas and NOT expect to game, did you? To be clear, it is possible to have fun in Vegas without taking a single slots spin. However, it is fun to play a few rounds to see where your luck takes you.

Slots are the easiest to play – you insert money, push a button, and hope for the best. Target jackpot slots – if you get lucky on these, you could be in line for a MASSIVE payday!

Then, there are table games. Everybody is familiar with blackjack and roulette, but you’ll also find baccarat, sic bo, and casino poker games.

Finally, at the back of many Nevada casinos, you’ll find the poker room. Here, you play the player, not the casino. With skill and a bit of luck, you can come out of here a winner! If you need to brush up on your knowledge, read more about Nevada Casinos at ACG.

Not clear on the rules? Nevada has legalized online poker. Sign up for a site before leaving, and play a few hands in your hotel room first. This way, you’ll stroll into the poker room with confidence. 

Shop Until You Drop

After stacking a few regulars, you may have some extra cash to spend. Most casino resorts on The Strip have luxury malls attached to them. The Forum Shops at Caesars contains many haute couture retailers like Louis Vuitton, Versace, and Gucci.

Have more mid-market tastes? Walk amongst the Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood. Here, you’ll find Best Buy, H&M, and other brands you know and love.

Have Fun At An Amusement Park

In the past generation, Las Vegas has moved past solely being an adult’s playground. Now, numerous resorts have family-friendly attractions like amusement parks.

If you have a family in tow or are young-at-heart, make a point to check out the Adventuredome Theme Park. Located at Circus Circus, it boasts 25 attractions in all, including the gut-busting Canyon Blaster roller coaster.

Want to up the ante? Walk over to The Stratosphere Hotel. At the top, you’ll find two rides that will get your adrenaline pumping – Insanity and the Big Shot.

Club Until The Sun Comes Up

You’re only in Las Vegas for two nights, so make the most of its world-famous nightlife. Hakkasan, which calls the MGM Grand home, regularly hosts world-leading DJs like Steve Aoki and Tiesto.

Do you have money to burn? Let it all hang out at XS. Headquartered in The Wynn Las Vegas, gold statues and top-tier lighting match their cocktail prices. The cost of partying here is worth it, though – lineups at the bar are short, there’s plenty of room on the dance floor, and the clientele is beautiful.

Las Vegas Truly Is The Entertainment Capital Of The World

From time to time, our lives all need a jump start. Las Vegas can provide this, NOT just for young people, but for folks of all ages. With attractions ranging from amusement parks to throbbing nightclubs, Vegas has got what you’re looking for!

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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