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All you need to know before your trip to Cancun

Cancun is very similar to traveling to other destinations like Las Vegas or Dubai. 

Cancun has a relaxed yet sophisticated atmosphere that will delight anyone who wants to know the city. Within this young site, you will find museums such as the Mayan Museum of Cancun and the Underwater Museum located in Punta Nizuc and Isla Mujeres, where you can see in two different ways a city as beautiful as Cancun.

Cancun is characterized by being a relaxed, classic but at the same time a trendy place with incredible activities that you can do in the city like swimming with dolphins and practicing water sports.

Something that many people don’t know about Cancun is that it has two archeological zones that are very easy to visit.

If you are staying in the hotel zone of the city, you will love to know then that you can visit hundreds of nearby places of interest, because most of the tourist sites of Cancun are in the southern zone or hotel zone. You will love to know and discover these incredible and beautiful places.

The beaches, like marlin beach, dolphin beach, seagull beach, Mayan house beach, and others are places you can’t miss in Cancun that will make you feel like you want to know more and more about this great city.

When is the best time to visit Cancun?

Cancun is ideal for anyone at almost any time of the year because even in December or winter season Cancun does not fail to acquire the warmth that characterizes it. So, it is perfect for people who want to find a warm place while escaping the coldness of cities where temperatures are shallow.

We recommend that you visit Cancun during the spring break season, where you can experience the party and the tropical atmosphere in a different way. During this season, beach clubs and catamarans play a very important role in the tourism sector.

The only time to visit Cancun could ruin your vacation (and this is not always the case) is during the rainy and hurricane season. August is when the city is most likely to receive some of these natural phenomena that you will not love to experience.

September and October is an excellent season to travel cheaply; although the probability of rain is higher, surely you’ll love to know Cancun at this time and especially will benefit if you do not have a large enough budget to travel to the city.

Things to need to try in Cancun

Visit the city’s nightclubs, where you will experience the party in a completely different Caribbean atmosphere.

Meet the pirate ship that offers tours of the Caribbean Sea and, in turn, a pirate show with a buffet or varied menu to delight your palate while enjoying the best experience of your life at sea.

Swim with dolphins and don’t miss the dolphin shows at the Cancun Aquarium in Plaza la Isla, where you can meet hundreds of marine species that you will love and steal your heart.

Stay in an all-inclusive hotel, Cancun is a specialist in hotels that offer the best attention you have ever received. So, do not think twice and meet some of the all-inclusive hotels where you can enjoy the sea, sun, and beach with the benefits of a pool and open bar 24 hours you are in the hotel.

Visit also the sites near the city like Playa del Carmen and Tulum in the Riviera Maya, don’t forget to prepare yourself with a map, so you don’t miss any of the sites that make the Riviera Maya so important.

Buy handicrafts and souvenirs in the center of the city, besides that these will be much more economical, you can have the facility to buy much more variety of items probably made by hand by the inhabitants of the city and local companies.

Also, some of the crafts that you will find in the city and that probably will call you the attention are those of the Chiapanecos, that usually you can find them in the palapas and the hotel zone.

How to get around Cancun

During your stay in Cancun, you will like to know that it is not necessary to have a bad time because you do not have a vehicle for you because there are many methods for you if you want to move quickly through the city, these are the following.

Rent a car

A car rental service will be able to help you if you want to visit the city at your own pace and in your way, take into account that it will also depend on the size of the vehicle according to the number of people you are going to travel with.

Taxi from the airport

A taxi service will usually be easy to get at the airport, but we recommend in this case you can get a Cancun shuttle service from the airport that will easily fit your needs when traveling.

One advantage of this is that you will not have to make unnecessary stops.

Private transportation

A private transportation service can be very efficient for you if from the beginning you worry about making your reservation and detailing every last need you have in this, agencies like eTransfers Cancun Airport shuttle can be fundamental for this kind of needs.

Before your trip, don’t forget:

Put sunscreen on before or after you return from the beach, as the sun can be very unkind to you if you don’t and contact with seawater can make this experience much worse.

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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