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6 things you must know to enjoy Pittsburgh to the fullest when visiting for the first time

A city built on three giant rivers, a leading manufacturer of aluminium, petroleum, and electronics, a global headquarter for some of the world’s top companies, and home to a great number of walking and biking riverfront trails, Pittsburgh has a temptation like no other city in Pennsylvania. Honored as “the best place to travel” by a leading magazine, the city of Pittsburgh has something for every avid traveler who is visiting it for the first time. Every corner of Pittsburgh marks for its historical grandeur, technological development, award-winning restaurants, and super-friendly people. This also means that there are a lot of things to do in Pittsburgh that let you enjoy the city to the fullest. What are those? Let us a have a look!

Take a Classic Ride at Kennywood

Photo Credits: ChubbyWimbus

As you look at the slogan “Kennywood, The Way to Unforgettable Fun”, you are sure that an ultimate fun is awaiting you in the city of Pittsburgh. Considered as America’s Finest Amusement Park, Kennywood first opened on May 30, 1899 as a Trolley Park. Operated well by the Kennywood Entertainment Company, Kennywood boasts a great entertainment for the people of every age with the help of its amusement rides, roller coasters, Kiddieland, and plenty of interesting attractions. In addition to the thrill rides, this amusement park also avails a swimming pool and dance halls for the public. Also, there is a huge picnic area for families. Kennywood should be a part of your vacation planning when you are dreaming of a good time in Pittsburgh.

Explore the animal life at Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium

Photo Credits: Daderot

Home to over 4000 animals of 475 species which also includes some of the endangered animals, Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium comprises an area of 77 acres. First opened in 1898, this zoo is known for its incredible exhibits that include Forest Passage, African Savanna, Tropical Forest, The Islands, Jungle Odyssey, PPG Aquarium, Water’s Edge, and Kid’s Kingdom. All of these exhibits are dedicated to a particular theme and are a perfect amalgamation of knowledge and fun. If you are here with kids, you should take them to the Children’s Farm where they can pet and feed the animals like Kangaroo, Sheep, Goats, and Deer.

Relax at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens

Built in 1893, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens not only own a great collection of plants but also serve as a place of relaxation to many people. Listed in the National Register of Historic Landmarks, Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens is a significant landmark in the city of Pittsburgh. The gardens have a large species of plants like palm trees, succulents, bonsai, orchids and also have some interesting flora exhibits. The conservatory itself is a place that you would like to capture in your camera due to its unique Victorian greenhouse structure. Take a tour of the indoor gardens in daylight or at evening in artificial light, you will be enchanted by its serene beauty.

Discover the Captivating Stories of Ancient Animals at Carnegie Museum

Photo Credits: Piotrus

When you plan a trip to Pittsburgh and do not include Carnegie Museum of Natural History in your plan, you sure miss something most fascinating and important. Ranked among the top five natural history museums in the USA, Carnegie Museum of Natural History is one of the topmost attractions in Pittsburgh. Stretched over an area of 115,000 square feet, the museum features 20 galleries out of which 10,000 items are on display and 1 Million are available online. Some of the major attractions here are Dinosaurs in Their Time, Wyckoff Hall of Arctic Life, and Walton Hall of Ancient Egypt.

Sing with the Birds at the National Aviary

Photo Credits: Daderot

Who doesn’t like birds? These creatures in their colorful forms attract everyone everywhere. So, while in Pittsburgh, visiting the National Aviary should be on your bucket list. Home to over 600 birds of 200 species, National Aviary is an indoor non-profit aviary in the United States. Regarded as the largest aviary in the United States, National Aviary also houses some endangered bird species like green-backed trogon, blue-winged mountain tanager, Bali mynah, and African Penguin. The children will enjoy feeding the birds here.

Admire the Art at The Andy Warhol Museum

Photo Credits: Photojunkie

Comprising an area of 88,000 square foot, the Andy Warhol Museum is the largest art museum in North America. Most of the collection of the museum is from Pittsburgh-born pop art icon Andy Warhol. This large museum houses over 1,000 prints, 900 paintings, 2,000 paper works, 77 sculptures, and 4,000 photographs that are displayed in 17 different galleries of the museum. Apart from this, the museum also features 56 travel exhibits that interest all the wanderlust-driven souls.

In addition to the sites mentioned above, Heinz History Center, Cathedral of Learning, Three Rivers Stadium, and Mattress Factory are some more popular attractions in Pittsburgh. No matter where you choose to go in the city, you will always find it soaked in joys and enticing activities.

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