Where to go in southern india

Where to go in southern India

Want to head to the deep south of India on holiday? While deciding to goindigo will make getting around easier, you’ll need to know where you want to go before you can book any flights.

Below, we’ll discuss cities and regions in southern India worthy of your attention on a trip.


A centre of finance and culture in India, Mumbai is a must-see city for anyone visiting southern India. When you aren’t shopping in exclusive boutiques in South Mumbai or watching Bollywood directors shoot films around the city, don’t forget to see some of this place’s most iconic sights.

This includes the Gate of India, an arch built to commemorate the royal visit of King George V in 1911, and the Siddhivinayak Temple, a Hindu temple boasting a gold-coated inner sanctum.

There is much more to discover in Mumbai than this, but if you tick the previous off your list, your first visit here will be a productive one.


Looking to kick back on the beach instead? Few places in India can rival what the state of Goa has to offer.

Up and down its coast, you’ll find palm-lined beaches a world away from the crowded, hectic cities of the north.

There is more to Goa than what is found on its shores, though. Its interior towns are also worth visiting, as their small size and Portuguese architecture set them apart from places of similar size elsewhere in India.

Check out Bom Jesus Basilica, a 400 year old Baroque church home to the final resting place of Saint Francis Xavier, then spend time admiring the works of spiritually inspired artists at the Christian Art Museum.

Back at the beach, hit up the Anjuna flea market and buy goods created by local and expat hippies who have called this place home for generations.


Do you really want to disconnect from everyday life? If so, taking a trip to the state of Kerala will help you achieve this goal.

This Indian state is best known for the Kerala Backwaters, a 200-kilometre long network of brackish lagoons, which run parallel to the Malabar Coast.

All along this stretch, travelers can rent houseboats and lazily sail along its placid length. Along the way, droopy palms, water lilies, and local villagers will fill the void created by the lack of wi-fi.

Back on dry land, Kerala’s interior mountains, the waterfalls that spring from them, and the hill stations atop their lofty heights will provide travellers with plenty of other diversions during their time here. If Kerala is too busy for you, you can always try Houseboats in Alleppey as another great way to spend your time in India.

Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The most southerly part of India isn’t on the Subcontinent – it’s well out in the Indian Ocean. Sitting off the coast of Myanmar, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands are blissfully under-touristed compared to places like Goa and Kerala.

Given the sensitive nature of local settlements and their ecosystem, access is controlled, meaning even mainland Indians are only permitted to visit for short periods of time.

When you aren’t reclining on the sands of Radhanagar Beach, check out the Cellular Jail. No, it’s not where they lock up holidaymakers for spending too much time on their smartphones on vacation, it is where the British sent political prisoners to a life of exile and torture during the rule of the Raj.

While its history isn’t that sunny, visiting this historic site will help you appreciate everything dissident Indians endured along the road to self-rule and sovereignty.

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