Vaping etiquette abroad – things you need to know
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Vaping etiquette abroad – things you need to know

Your long-awaited vacation is just days away, and you can’t wait. There’s just one problem, though – you’ve taken up vaping to replace your smoking habit, and you’re unsure how to travel and vape responsibly.

In this blog, we’ll share what factors you need to consider when it comes to vaping etiquette abroad, from the airport to the beach.

Flying with your vaping kit

Airports and airlines have adopted the same protocol towards vaping as they have with smoking. This means vaping is strictly prohibited on board all flights.

We know what you’re thinking – unlike cigarettes, smoke detectors in plane bathrooms shouldn’t be able to pick up vapor. This is dead wrong, as e-cigarettes have set them off in the past, resulting in severe consequences for offenders.

Don’t leave your device intact in your carry-on luggage, as regulations stipulate you must detach the batteries from the cartridge to prevent accidental activation, and they must be packed separate from anything which could catch fire.

Prevent yourself from being afflicted by a nic fit mid-flight by blowing a few clouds in a designated smoking area – just be sure your e-liquids are TSA compliant to avoid unnecessary hassle and delay while passing through security.

Different countries have different laws regarding vaping

Considering vaping etiquette abroad will save you from legal troubles on the other side of the world

Don’t assume you can vape anywhere in the world just because it’s legal in America. Rules and regulations vary widely from one nation to the next – for example, some countries bar vaping in areas where it is allowed at home.

Others allow cartridges but ban the sale of nicotine e-liquid, which could be problematic if you run out while on the road.

More than a few nations ban possession and importation entirely – if caught with this paraphernalia in these places, you may simply have your gear confiscated, or you may be required to pay massive fines or even face imprisonment (Thailand).

It is your responsibility alone to research local laws regarding e-cigarettes and vaping before hopping on a plane for destinations abroad – trust us, taking a second to think about vaping etiquette abroad beats spending your vacation in a rotting jail cell.

Don’t be rude

So you’ve looked into the rules and you’re good to go the second you arrive at your chosen destination. Not so fast, cowboy. Before you start blowing electronic smoke around like Puff the Magic Dragon, you need to consider vaping etiquette abroad first.

When in a taxi, don’t whip out your e-cigarette and expect the driver to be okay with it by default – instead, ask if they mind you vaping in their vehicle. By getting permission and cranking the window, you’ll allay any fears of potential second hand ‘smoke’ health effects.

You should assume public transport vehicles like subway cars and buses to be strictly off-limits to vaping, as authorities in many parts of the world consider this practice to be the same as regular smoking.

Your hotel room may be a safe place to puff away, but if vaping is technically not allowed in non-smoking rooms, a bellhop or room service attendant may report you to the front desk, leading to unwanted issues.

For peace of mind’s sake, it is best to ask the clerk whether the use of e-cigarettes is permitted in all rooms. If it isn’t, they may offer to move you to a smoking room, you could vape in designated smoking areas … or you could be very discreet about doing it in your assigned room.

James Shannon
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