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USA / 18.07.2018

Looking to get outside this summer? The American Rockies offers plenty of scenic trails that will make your experience an amazing one. Below, we’ll talk about the best summer hike in the American Rockies you can hit over the coming months. Siyeh Pass, Montana Consider yourself a big fan of alpine wildflowers? If so, don’t miss your opportunity to hike Siyeh Pass while visiting Glacier National Park in Montana. Situated off Going to the Sun Road east Logan Pass, the trailhead is already surrounded by epic high country scenery. You’ll pass...

Travel Tips, USA / 07.06.2018

Summer is here, and with it, outdoor enthusiasts everywhere are making plans to head into the wilds of America in search of adventure. If you are new to this, however, know that a good deal of planning goes into putting together a safe and awesome trek. Below, we’ll go over a few key points you need to keep in mind before you go on a summer hike in the backcountry with your buddies. Acquire trail-friendly food/drink If you are heading into the bush for anything longer than an afternoon, you’re going to...