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USA / 03.03.2018

Many would-be visitors to the USA dream of exploring on a lengthy road trip. As a spread out nation, this place is best suited to those who travel by car or camper. If you are serious about hitting the road in search of America this year, we hope this ultimate American road trip guide will be of use to you. What you need to know before traveling to the USA As excited as you might be to get on the road, there are numerous things you need to sort out...

Blog, USA / 08.04.2017

Despite Palm Springs being relatively close to Los Angeles, there's no easy way to get there without a car. Driving time is usually 2 hours, but if you don't have your own vehicle your only other options are to fly (which can be expensive) or take the Amtrak and the thruway bus (which takes time - 3 1/2 hours). Or so I thought.  A new company called Tesloop is making our lives a whole lot easier with a direct rideshare service between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Imagine Uber Pool but...