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Maintenance Tips for Your Home

As the years go by, natural wear and tear happens to you home. The harsh weather conditions can lead to the paint peeling off and some cracks may start to appear with time. Regular maintenance that fixed tiny damages can significantly increase the longevity of your home and help you avoid costly repairs in future.

The interior finishing isn’t spared either. Locks may become loose and door handles may start falling off. The bad thing is that you seldom such small changes in your house until a major overhaul or repair is required.

Here are some maintenance tips for your home.

Check the drainage

Kitchen sinks and toilet bowls are notorious for clogging. The kitchen usually clogs because the Garbage Disposal Not Working, a problem often brought about by dumping food wastes like hard stems and fibrous vegetables on the sink which interfere with the free movement of the mechanical parts of the garbage disposal.

For your toilet, a plunger often suffices but if the problem persists, get a qualified plumber to look at it. There might be something blocking the drainage.

Depending on the landscape of your home, there might be puddles that form whenever it rains. These puddles of water next to the house affects the structural integrity of your house as well as posing a drowning danger for babies and small children.

These puddles are also a breeding ground for insects, some of which can transmit infectious diseases to your family.

Have your landscaper create external drainage to take away the water when it rains. Better yet, you can harvest some of the rainwater and use it domestically.

Emergency preparation

You should always be prepared for an emergency situation. Replace the batteries of smoke detectors semiannually and check and test your firefighting equipment with the same frequency. A malfunctioning fire detector and extinguish puts everyone’s life at risk and all your property too including the house itself.

It is equally important to check your first aid kit for all the essential items and replace any medicines that may have expired.

Electrical maintenance

Have a qualified check your electrical wiring every two years. A faulty connection could spell electrocution or even death for your family members.

Mice and rats often eat the insulation on electrical cables and this may lead to a short circuit. Check and replace any damaged cables and also test the earth resistance of the domestic circuit.

Termite protection

Include termite protection in your annual maintenance plans to save your house from severe damage. Give your house a termite protection every year.

Termites usually hide in dark places and it might be too late by the time you realize the extent of the damage they have caused to the wooden fixtures in your house.


Do a major cleanup every year and get rid of anything you no longer need since they may be harboring cockroaches and rats in your house. These could be electrical appliances you no longer use, school books no ever reads, old clothes and toys.

Victoria Brewood

Although very much British, Victoria always felt like she was meant to be living the 'American Dream'. She loves the US and has travelled to over 14 states.

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