Jack's Flight Club Review

Jack’s Flight Club Review: Worth the premium membership?

In the UK, Jack’s Flight Club has become one of THE most important money-saving tools for travel bloggers, travel hackers and anyone wishing to get seriously cheap flights.

Although I now live in the US, I joined Jack’s Flight Club when I was living in London and have been a member for almost a year now, so I thought I would share my review for anyone who is thinking of signing up:

What is Jack’s Flight Club?

Jack’s Flight Club is an email newsletter that anyone can sign up for in order to get really cheap flights. All the deals originate out of the UK and Ireland, so if you’re living in the US, then you’re better of signing up for the equivalent, which is Scott’s Cheap Flights.

However, if you live in the UK or you travel a lot from the UK to Europe, then Jack’s Flight Club is the ideal option for you. Jack basically uses his travel hacking skills to uncover the best flight deals and then alerts you with an email to your inbox.

He finds all sorts of deals, from cheap weekend breaks to killer deals on long-haul flights. He and his team spend hours every day searching through online airfare matrix systems and scouring the web for the absolute best flight deals out of the UK & Ireland. They continuously monitor fares to destinations all over the globe, watching for massive fare drops and pricing errors.

So whenever an amazing deal becomes available, members are the first to know about it. The great thing about the club is that Jack finds deals for flights in about 3 to 11 months time, so you can plan ahead and it’s not just for last-minute bookers.

What’s the difference between the free version and the premium version?

The free version is free and you receive one or two deals each week, which amounts to 6 or 7 deals per month.

The premium version is paid for and gives access to ALL the deals (4x as many), plus other features such as weekly ‘weekend trip’ alerts. Expect to receive around 25-40 email alerts every month. There’s a 30 day money back guarantee and you can cancel at any time, so if you don’t like it then you don’t have to keep paying for it!

Billing options are as follows:

Quarterly: £12 for 3 months

Annual: £35 for the year

Semi-annual: £19 for 6 months

With the premium version you get first dibs on flights before they sell out, plus you can select the departure airports they want to receive deals for. So if you’re based in Manchester, for instance, you can select to receive deals departing from Manchester Airport.

Once a week you’ll also get a “Weekend Trip” email with fares to destinations that are less than 4 hours away. You can sign up for premium here.

Example deals

I’m a Here are some examples of deals that were sent to me this week:

A mistake fare from London to Los Angeles at £224 direct return w/ £39 return leg (Norwegian)

Jack's Flight Club example deal

A mistake fare from Paris direct to Sao Paulo at £64 return w/ summer dates (Aigle Azul)

Tanzania in £300s return from London, Manchester or Birmingham (Turkish Airlines)

London to Melbourne at £480 return in Oct/Nov 2018 (Royal Brunei Airlines)

Direct to Abu Dhabi or Muscat in £200s return from London, Edinburgh & Manchester (Etihad)

Direct London to San Francisco at £287 return in Nov – March (Virgin Atlantic)

As you can see the destinations are super diverse as Jack finds flights to places all over the globe. There are deals in there to South America, the Middle East, Australia and the US.

When Jack sends the email out he also includes information on exactly how to book, usually directing you with a link to Google Flights, Momondo or Kayak.

Jack’s Flight Club Review: My thoughts

The club works best if you are open to exploring new destinations. If you want to go away but you don’t mind where you go to, then it can be really exciting to see what’s available and book one of these awesome cheap deals. Before you know it you could find yourself sunning yourself in Madagascar or eating bagels in New York City.

If you need to go and visit family and friends in Australia and you’re flexible with when you go then you could simply wait around until an awesome flight deal to Sydney arrives in your inbox.

However if you need to travel on very specific dates to a specific destination, then Jack’s Flight Club isn’t so useful.

As for the premium version, I’d say absolutely get it. It’s only £35 for one year and I get so many deals to my inbox compared to the free version. With most long-haul tickets costing less than £400, the savings you get are definitely going to be greater than £35.

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