How to make money as you travel
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How to make money as you travel

Most travelers hit the road until their savings run low (or out), forcing them to return home and get a job.

However, what if you could fund your travels as you go? This has become easier to do in recent years – below, we’ll share how to make money as you travel.

Teach English as a second language

In a global world, knowledge of English has taken on greater importance than ever before. As such, opportunities have opened up in countries around the world to teach the language you have spoken since birth.

Don’t worry if you didn’t graduate from college with an education degree – most schools provide pre-made lesson plans, and in many cases, you may only have to converse with language learners.

Read up on the rules before leaving home, though – while schools in some nations may hire you if you don’t have an undergraduate degree, others have a strict set of requirements (like South Korea and Japan).

However, these nations tend to pay the best, so it is one of the best options out there if you don’t know how to make money as you travel.

Become an online travel agent

Want to learn how to make money as you travel? Become an online travel agent.

Adventurous travelers have found ways to explore the world long-term for generations, but it has to be said – the internet has made things so much easier.

The options are many for those looking to fund their travels with online work, but we are particularly intrigued with the idea of becoming an online travel agent, as it lets you make use of your travel knowledge and passion to assist others with their trip planning needs.

So long as you are able to set aside time consistently to work the phones while you are on the move, you’ll be able to secure remote employment with a leading firm.

To get a good idea of what to expect, visit Explorer Travel. Once you learn more about the profession, you’ll be submitting your application and living the life before you know it.

Write content and/or SEO articles

Don’t relish the idea of talking to other humans over the phone? What if we told you that you could fund your travels by writing articles? There are many low paying providers ($1-2 per article – yuck!) to avoid, but there are just as many that pay enough to sustain your traveling lifestyle.

Every website on the internet needs smart, engaging content to capture the attention of web surfers and to remain legitimate in the eyes of Google. Trust us: you are probably better than the majority of writers many sites are hiring right now, so if you are trying to figure out how to make money as you travel, this is a great way to get your foot in the door.

Get a hospitality job

For those who want to learn how to make money as you travel, bartending is a popular option.

Do web jobs sound too anti-social for your liking? From Australia to the United Kingdom, there are plenty of bartending, kitchen help, and wait staff positions which can help make your experience in these regions richer.

Before leaving America for the great beyond, be sure to obtain your Working Holiday Visa, as obtaining non-shady employment is developed nations without proper documentation can be next to impossible.

Once you land, print out your CV, work on your smile, and apply at establishments whose vibe you enjoy – soon enough, you’ll be slinging drinks, connecting with locals, and pocketing tons of tips you can use further on in your travels.

Selling your photos online

When travelling, we often take photos of the views and sceneries of the place. But did you know that you can sell these photos online? There are a lot of stock agencies and websites where you can upload your photos and find potential buyers. You can even set up your own website where you can sell your photographs. Selling your photos online is a viable option if you want to earn extra cash to help you with your finances while travelling.

Get your divemaster certification

Most think of diving as a fun (but expensive) activity. Somebody has to get paid to take tourists into the depths, though – why shouldn’t it be you?

Many stop learning once they get their Open Water Certification, but if you are determined to learn how to make money as you travel, continue on until you get your Divemaster certification.

Once you have this piece of paper in your possession, you’ll be able to get a job with diving outfits worldwide, allowing you to turn your passion into a portable career.

James Shannon
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