How to Experience the UK Holiday Scene Like a Local

So you’re taking the plunge and crossing the Atlantic to visit the admittedly smaller, potentially more quaint UK and experience it like a local? There are plenty of reasons to have this mindset. You could be tired of the tourist trap kind of holiday. You could be visiting a friend or relative and want to experience the country the way they do. Perhaps you are taking the next step with your long-distance partner and considering a Spouse Visa Immigration in Mayfair UK to live there permanently, but you want to know if the country is right for you.

Or maybe you’ve been before and checked off the London sights and you’re now ready to see beyond the capital city and admit that there might be more to our little island than Big Ben, The London Eye, and Buckingham Palace. Well whatever the reason, allow My Favourite Voucher Codes to steer you in the right direction and give you a few options for an authentic holiday or travel experience spent in the UK.

Where to Go?

Not only have we crammed in not one but three countries into our mainland alone (that’s England, Wales and Scotland), there’s also Northern Ireland a short ferry trip away. There’s also the wonderful differences of the north and the south of England to explore. There really are huge differences to be found from place to place. Whilst the north is full of industrially built up cities, you can find quaint countryside cut off from the rest of civilisation and the sometimes-slower paced cities of the south.

Countryside: There’s nothing quite as quaint as a cottage nestled into the middle of nowhere, with only board games and talking around the fire as your source of entertainment. Take in that British fresh air and try out the simple life. Be aware though that whilst your own North American town might be well connected, British countryside generally means you’re a good trek away from the nearest shop, and that’s usually only a small corner shop with your bare essentials. Public transport links also aren’t great, so renting a car is key if you plan to get beyond the fields and the cows.

Seaside: From Margate to Weymouth, enjoy fish and chips on the seafront, 99 Flakes that aren’t 99p anymore and every other shop being packed with inflatables. It’s a rite of passage in any Brits life and you should experience it, too. On a cold day you can expect to have the beach to yourself. As soon as the sun makes an appearance, though, you and the rest of the UK will be cramming onto those sandy parts. Pack your swimwear if you want, but you’d probably be better off with a head to toe wetsuit if you fancy braving it.

City: With 69 cities in the UK, it’s a matter of where to start? Why not visit Wells, the smallest city in England and check out the cobbled streets of Vicar’s Close and the cathedral which gave it its status? Or learn the history of the industrial revolution and the role it played in the build up of cities like Liverpool, Manchester and Bristol, the former two of which are only under 1-hour car journey apart? Bristol is just over 3 hours south, in close quarters to Cardiff and Bath. Hole yourself up in a Travelodge for the night, where you can get £29 rooms when booking in advance, and you’re having the authentic Brit holiday experience.

Or you could squeeze a little bit of everything in. There’s nothing like a coach tour to get holidaying Brits hot under the collar. Forget planes and trains, travelling by coach is the height of excitement and comradery. You can also benefit from a fountain of information from your guide. Find the latest deals on our site, saving up to 50% when booking with companies like Shearings Holidays, who are experts in the coach holiday experience. Squeeze as much into your trip as possible, with multiple stop offs. Marvel at Stonehenge and the Roman Baths in Bath or visit Belfast and the volcanically made Giant’s Causeway.

Planning for the Weather

When it comes to travelling around the UK, the weather can be unpredictable so it’s always a good idea to be prepared with back-up activities and appropriate clothing. When it comes to the seaside, if you’re rained off the beach take cover in the arcades filled with classic games. For the countryside, there may not be much within walking distance, but you could always take a drive to the nearest pub? Best not to forget your wellies for those wet, muddy trails. Looking to experience the city? There’s likely museums, art galleries and other indoor activities, so you won’t be short of ideas. And what about outwear? You can leave your wellies behind when it comes to the city, but no matter what type of holiday you choose to have, never be without that trusty raincoat. Otherwise, you’ll likely be able to find a rain poncho in the nearest tourist shop. We have an expression in the UK: “We get cold rain in the winter and warm rain in the summer.”

Know Your Local Knowledge

Unlike when going to a foreign speaking country, there’s no need to impress with your extensive range of greetings and phrases. So what’s the next best thing to get the conversation rolling with the locals? Well, how about having a fact or two up your sleeve about the area. Quiz about local heroes like Bath’s Jane Austen or The Beatles for Liverpool and not only do you have a direction for what to do and see, but how to strike up a conversation. Of course, it’s also great to go in not completely clued up in order to let residence talk animatedly about where they live. Do your research, but also allow room to learn whilst you’re actually on the trip.

Whilst being a tourist can be fun, rocking up to all the must-see spots, it’s nice to take a step back sometimes and live like a local, courtesy of My Favourite Voucher Codes and our great money saving retailers. In this instance, why not holiday like a local? From insightful coach trips to a unique experience in every city, you can get a real feel for different parts of the UK and perhaps find those hidden gems the holiday companies don’t sell you.

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