Heading abroad? Meet your overseas tax obligations with Taxes For Expats
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Heading abroad long-term? Meet your tax obligations with Taxes For Expats

We now live in a world where most types of office work no longer need to be completed behind a desk in a fixed location.

In virtually every corner of the globe, wi-fi and connections fast enough to be usable exist. This means that professionals of all kinds are now able to get their work done wherever they want, be it in a coffee shop in Boston or at a beach bar in Koh Lanta, Thailand.

As exciting as this may be, a big hurdle exists for would-be digital nomads from America; unlike their colleagues from every other nation on Earth, they have an obligation to pay taxes on their income even if it isn’t earned from sources within the USA.

Assuming there aren’t accountants abroad who are qualified to handle American taxes (there are, but they can be hard to find), many think they will never be able to experience the unbridled freedom of living a life of perpetual travel.

This is not at all the case, as an online firm exists to you and expats who live and work in countries all across the world meet their overseas tax obligations.

Taxes For Expats: your one-stop shop for American taxes

For over 25 years, Taxes for Expats has been helping Americans living in over 190 countries worldwide to meet their obligations to Uncle Sam.

From tax treaties to FACTA to meeting the conditions of the Earned Income Exclusion, their experienced staff of accountants won’t just keep you in good standing with the IRS, but they will work tirelessly to minimize your tax burden.

Why choose Taxes for Expats?

Taxes for Expats' accountants eat overseas tax obligations for breakfast

Over the period of time Taxes for Expats has been in business, they have encountered every issue that Americans abroad face when meeting their overseas tax obligations, as well as with the logistics of operating an accounting firm over the internet.

The end result of this – their approach to dealing with clients has become streamlined, allowing them to deal with your return in a quick and efficient manner.

Compared with the competition, they quote prices which are competitive, fair, and lacking in hidden fees.

Trustpilot, a website where consumers can review and rank consumer brands on their integrity, has lauded Taxes for Expats as the best business in their niche.

As such, you can rest assured that Taxes for Expats will handle your overseas American tax returns at a great price while being trustworthy and quick. Apart from that there are numerous tax consultants who can manage your taxation and accounting work at an effective price using quickbooks enterprise solutions on a azure wvd for easy remote access of taxation work.

Filing abroad doesn’t need to be such a chore

As someone eager to get out into the wider world while getting work done, this all sounds wonderful. However, how does someone work with Taxes for Expats?

Begin by creating an account, a quick process which shouldn’t take you longer than a minute to complete. Then you will be prompted to pick a time you wish you be phoned by one of Taxes for Expats’ tax consultants. This conversation will help them figure out your situation, allowing them to present a series of options best suited to you.

After picking a plan, you’ll then answer a number of questions which will allow Taxes for Expats to create a letter laying out the scope of the project. Sign electronically, and all that remains to be done is to wait for your assigned accountant to complete your return.

Shortly after, you’ll get your results back without having spent your valuable time trying to figure out your 1040 on your own – brilliant!

Taxes shouldn’t stand in the way of living life

Don't let overseas tax obligations stop you from experiencing this on a daily basis

Life as a digital nomad offers freedom, unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Don’t let something minor like overseas tax obligations get in the way – hand them off to the professionals and focus on the important stuff, like which beach you want to enjoy in Cabo San Lucas.

James Shannon
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