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Best Places to Visit on Your Tour to Scandinavia

You’ve made your mind up – in the near future, you’ll be visiting Scandinavia, filling in a big empty spot on your travel map.

When it comes time to plan a travel itinerary, though, there are so many tours to Scandinavia available that it can be tough to pick the one which will satisfy you and your travelling companions.

In this blog, we’ll brief on our favourite places to visit in this cool European region so you’ll know which destinations are right for you.

1) Copenhagen

Once a humble Viking fishing village back in the 11th century, Copenhagen is now a powerhouse city in Europe, drawing on both its long past and its modern-day attractions to attract visitors.

A walk through the city will have you checking out royal palaces, grand cathedrals, intriguing museums, and even a generation old squatter’s camp (Christiania) which has become a hub for artistic free expression.

Dine by its attractive harbour, enjoy its non-stop nightlife, and before you leave, grab a shot of The Little Mermaid statue, a work by Edvard Eriksen honouring the main character of Danish author Hans Christian Andersen’s greatest literary work.

2) Stockholm

Despite its northern location, Stockholm has been a cradle of civilization in Europe for a very long time. Its 14 islands have shown signs of human habitation since 6000 BC and has been home to a regionally significant city since the 13th century.

You’ll want to start by enjoying some coffee and cake in Stockholm’s button-cute Old Town, then move on to Drottningholm Palace, the UNESCO-recognised home of the Swedish Royal Family.

Whilst you are travelling to and from this city’s top attractions, be sure to make some trips on the Stockholm Metro.

Boasting stations decked out in some of the most ambitious art you’ll see in these environments, you could very well end up riding its lines from end to end just to check out what is termed the longest art gallery in the world.

3) Bergen

Situated in the heart of Norway’s fjord country, the city of Bergen is a must-see, whether you are on a cruise visit or a road trip.

Within its limits, you’ll want to spend a day exploring Bryggen, its wooden warehouse district. Once a working harbour for fishers and traders, these buildings are now home to restaurants and exclusive boutiques.

Just outside city limits, there is ample opportunity to go hiking in the mountains, and when the weather is cooperative in summer, there are beaches where you can go in for a refreshing swim.

4) Reykjavik

Technically located in North America (it is west of the fault line separating the North American and Eurasian plates), the city of Reykjavik isn’t just where you fly in on a visit to Iceland – it also has more than its share of worthwhile attractions.

From stunning examples of modernist architecture like Hallgrímskirkja, a Lutheran church which is its tallest building at 74 metres to a downtown filled with amazing restaurants and bars, you’ll have more to do here than go in the Blue Lagoon (a can’t miss attraction located just outside city limits).

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